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Shorten the path from SKU discovery to buy

UGC platform that provides proven growth in CTR & sales

Benefits of User Generated Content


Lift in engagement for social campaigns


Increased click through rates


Growth for conversion rates

Built to connect content to commerce

Static content is a thing of the past. Modern shoppers expect a dynamic website and fresh, engaging content every step of the way. Deliver outstanding product experiences, while measuring their impact.

Experienced eCommerce managers or junior marketers, everyone turns to Flaminjoy to grow their results

Create easier, test faster, fly higher

Turn standard SKU images into engaging UGC creatives that boosts CTR everywhere – social-media, ads, your own website.

Scalable for any type of business


Grow conversions with UGC. Ditch the boring product photos and inspire customers through authentic content generated by brand ambassadors.


Increase your revenue by streamlining the toolset you offer to your sellers. Coordinate products presentation and keep everything aligned with the brand.

Trade Marketing

Deliver better CTR with innovative ads. Produce hundreds of ads variations, accelerate growth, and secure clients with unique technology.


Drive offline sales with online activations boosted with authentic content. Replace the boring aisle displays with real testimonials from real people.

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