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Shorten the path from SKU discovery to buy

UGC platform that provides proven growth in CTR & sales

A platform built as an ecosystem,

combining key functions from the marketing stack into one integrated flow to give CMOs and marketing teams control, simplicity and democratized access to creativity so they can inform the dollars they spend.

15x faster

Content sourcing

1/10 of cost

Creative automation


Conversion rate


Click Through Rate

Our vision

Boost commercial growth by bringing inspiration and innovation into the hands of any marketer.

Our mission

Build the infrastructure that connects Creativity to Commerce

Our Values

Our values guide our actions and shape our culture.


Sometimes people have cool new ideas, but they don’t know if it’s going to work. With our tools, they can bring it to life and play with it. Thanks to our data the clients will always know if the ideas were worth it or not.


Doing business online can be confusing and hard as hell. Instead, we would like to make it easy and light as a feather. Our platform tools are intuitive, so no one will get lost along the business way, newcomer or experienced one.


But don’t get too cocky, we won’t do all the work for clients. We just offer tools, which they can play with and find out, what works best for them and their business/brand. It’s totally in their hands. Or wings?


Sparking Capital is an early stage, Venture Capital micro fund backing entrepreneurs with unique industry insights.

Eleven is an early-stage VC investing in technology companies in Southeast Europe.

Founders Bridge provides structured value creation by building a strong foundation for growth.