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In-depth measurement & reporting for your social commerce activities

It’s now easier than ever to optimize your marketing efforts & gain more while spending less. Aggregate data and capture insights in one single dashboard.

Benefits of Measurement & Reporting

Find your competitors' strategies
See what works for your account with deep analytics
Understand the impact of content over sales

How these brands use Measurement & Reporting

Chio Chips uses 5 waves of micro-influencers to grow offline sales

SABON gathers UGC and Ambassador content to enhance the online experience

Eyerim turns UGC into branded content in no time, while enhancing global ecommerce websites

We’ve upgraded our social media game since our launch of George - the newest banking platform of BCR, but we didn’t have enough metrics to make a data-approach strategy. Flaminjoy's Social Media Analytics solved our problem.

Analytics for ever-evolving social platforms

Laura Plugaru, Digital Expert, BCR
Influencer marketing reporting

Build your squad with influencer reporting

At last, a tool that brings clarity and factual data on influencers’ performance. See in real-time how your influencer marketing campaigns perform in Flaminjoy’s dashboard.

Improve relationships and collaborate in a streamlined and simplified way with content creators that fully match your business needs. Start using a tool that turns creator collaborations into influencer marketing reports.

Create influencer campaigns
Shoppable Galleries analytics

Track the Shoppable Galleries performance on your website

Add the influencer-generated content on your website (using Visual Commerce) and analyze its impact in real-time. Flaminjoy offers you an entire suite of features to evaluate your business’ shoppable content galleries.

Push the most performing content at the top of your galleries to maximize ROI, and easily determine which are your top influencers.

See how Shoppable Galleries work
Social media and influencer marketing reports

Better Instagram strategy using social media and influencer marketing reports

Upgrade your content strategy to boost your organic reach, based on data. Flaminjoy allows you to seek answers beyond classical social media analytics. Plan and deliver the content calendar starting from actionable statistics that show you what are the winning approaches.

Stay on top of your competitors and level up your social media creation by always backing your actions with data.

Understand your Instagram Analytics
Impact of content on sales

See how your creative content impacts sales

Your team will now have an overview of the visual commerce outcome. Keep an eye on all data from your website: impressions, clicks, and even assisted conversions. This is how you connect the dots from content creation to sales.

Connect Google Analytics with Flaminjoy and see the ROI of your UGC, by using Flaminjoy’s Assisted Conversions functionality.

Deploy Visual Commerce
Social media competitors tracking

Stay on top of your competitor landscape

Focus on your strategy while easily keeping an eye on your competition. If you want to see what content your competitors are using, or simply understand their strategy, this tool offers you all the features to track that.

Analyze real-time stats about your competitors’ social media activity, from the number of Followers to Likes and Comments.

Add your competitors
Social media influencer tracking

Unified reporting dashboard for better tracking

A dedicated dashboard will help you manage and correlate data in a simple manner that can be understood by any team member at a glance. Influencer Marketing tracking and reporting makes it easy to see who’s perfoming and who’s not. Quickly empower your marketing team to use key metrics and actionable insights in a visual system.

Most importantly, save time for more important tasks. When you can efficiently monitor your actions and act fast, new growth opportunities will occur.

Discover Influencer & ROI Analytics

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Fully-featured free plan
Personalized ad template creation
Onboarding call for objectives setup
Knowledge Base to guide your steps
Product Feed integration
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