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Social Display

We've evolved ad formats by integrating influencer content within publishers, for massive growth.

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Social Display ads combine social media with programmatic display advertising.

This dynamic combination of engaging content and reach delivers huge cost-savings on creative production, and bringing social and display together makes it easier for brands to unify their data.

The Challenges

More and more brands use influencer marketing

The issue is that media planning is complex by itself. When you add an extra layer, in the form of contacting and collaborating with influencers, it all starts to become too difficult.

Social Display solves this issue by using the Flaminjoy native platform to communicate and collect influencer content. That gets repurposed into interactive display banners and send to Ringier’s campaigns.

Optimization is a key challenge for advertisers

There’s a constant need to find new advertising avenues, that deliver results and offer measurable data, in a simple and understandable way.

Our solution makes it possible to have a clear overview of the spending for both the influencer campaign and the ads being shown in the Ringier network, in one place.

Testing new formats is not embraced yet

New technologies are always used by innovators first. Without clear information on how innovation can improve a process, brands are hesitant to act.

We’ve tested Social Display for tens of large brands and we’ve seen its impact beat the industry average for Click-through Rates and Brand uplift, time and time again.

Solution: Social Display

An automated display advertising service that creatively and authentically integrates influencer-generated content for brands with publishing platforms.

Using technology developed by Flaminjoy, the solution selects the right micro-influencers for a campaign based on a brief or audience profile and then collects content published by them related to a specific campaign or hashtag.

The posts are then automatically broken down into dozens or hundreds of creatives in the form of special, unique ads that have a higher potential to generate sales.

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+15 mil

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Case Studies


Bring awareness to a new product line, in an eye-catching eye.


Use Social Display to dramatically increase views and CTR.


Social Display users
Social Interactions
Brand uplift
Click-through Rate


Promote MegaMall new sports places


Collaborate with micro-influencers to generate creative content and distribute it via Social Display within Ringier Network.


Display Impressions
Brand Uplift
Click-through Rate


Bring awareness for the posibility of online purchases.


Work with specific influencers to spread the word and go from Awareness to Consideration, through content.


Social Display users
Brand Uplift
Product categories


Understand and improve the performance of online content.


Leverage Social Display for L’Oréal and provide better CTR.


Innovative ad formats
Higher CTR than the industry average
Brand uplift
Effort from the client

Brandurile au nevoie să integreze conținutul de la influenceri în fiecare punct digital (site, social media, dooh, etc.) pentru a-și îmbunătăți nivelul de încredere în rândul consumatorilor și de a genera rezultate palpabile. Am reușit să creăm un nou canal de distribuție a materialelor generate de influenceri pentru a ajuta brandurile să își maximizeze rezultatele.

Citeste articolul

Cu ajutorul tehnologiei dezvoltate, soluția selectează micro-influencerii potriviți unei campanii pe baza unui brief sau a profilului de audiență, iar apoi colectează conținutul publicat de aceștia legat de o anumită campanie sau un hashtag. Postările sunt apoi declinate automat în zeci sau sute de creații sub forma de ad-uri speciale și unice care au un potențial mai mare de a genera vânzări.

Citeste articolul

Versatilitatea crescută a platformei Social Display o face opțiunea perfectă pentru clienții care își doresc să eficientizeze impactul mesajelor online din cadrul unei campanii și transformarea influencerilor în adevărați endorseri de brand, fără să fie necesară producția de materiale și formate suplimentare.

Citeste articolul

Dove is the first brand to use the Social Display platform, achieving a brand lift of over 9% and an audience of over 5 million users. At the same time, Morphy Richards, a brand that entered the Romanian market in 2021, has gained more notoriety through the Social Display platform, with a quality content campaign on the websites of Ringier Romania, which generated over 1.2 million reach with only 8 micro-influencers.

Read the article

In less than 6 months since the launch of the Social Display solution in partnership with Ringier Romania, we have been able to generate tangible results for brands, which were translated into at least 10 times higher performance in programmatic advertising networks.

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Инфлуенсърите вече се налагат като медия от ново поколение, която все повече влияе върху решенията за покупка сред по-младите. В същото време традиционните медии остават мощен канал за достигане до различни аудитории по надежден и безопасен за марката начин.

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More benefits

Easy to set up

Tens of campaigns run so far means we've refined all our processes.

Precise targeting

Besides Ringier's targeting, we also use audience data from influencers.

Measurable results

We are able to measure brand sentiment both before and after the campaign.

Configurable content

You get to choose what influencers to work with and what content to run in ads.



8-10 Micro-Influencers
1 million Ad Impressions
Brand Lift Measurement


18-20 Micro-Influencers
2 million Ad Impressions
Brand Lift Measurement


max 25 Micro-Influencers
3 million Ad Impressions
Brand Lift Measurement

Cat Music

1 Mega-Influencer
2 million Ad Impressions
Brand Lift Measurement

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