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Product content syndication tool: centralized product experience activation

Empower your marketing team with the right technology to manage, improve, and distribute product content across every digital touchpoint.

Make your UGC visible by syndicating it across the entire customer journey, from product pages to digital ads, in-store displays, and digital billboards. Flaminjoy enables you to scale your content delivery with a few clicks.

Win across the digital shelf by managing channel-specific types of content, optimizing it to generate the most engaging version, and always being prepared for clients’ particular needs.

UGC content syndication

Activate UGC by syndicating it to multiple touchpoints at the same time

Spend your time doing meaningful work. Don’t push your team’s creativity to produce new content over and over again. Instead, double down on what’s already working and skyrocket your results. Create your commerce strategy with repurposing in mind. Use Flaminjoy to:

Show different content for specific audiences. Centralizing all your content in one single place gives you perspective and insight on what works best.
Use this to match the particularities of your website and other digital platforms. This tool allows any marketer to achieve results and maintain brand consistency.
Shorten the customer's path from scrolling to buying. Place one or more pins on contextual photos to encourage consumer trust.
Custom product content syndication

Optimize your social commerce with bespoke workflows

When managing tons of SKUs across different markets and time zones, spreadsheets are a no-go. Sign up for Flaminjoy and create your first content system, tailored to your business needs. Finally, a tool that lets you align your teams across the Globe remotely:

Create Shoppable Galleries that are in line with your brand guidelines and your audiences’ expectations. Embed them in key landing pages on your website and enable shopping with one click.
Connect product content and stocks with Pins. From now on, every content piece will also display always updated product details right next to each other.
Scale content production using Flaminjoy. Plan and orchestrate influencer campaigns easily and in a streamlined way, to generate fresh creative content for your products on an ongoing basis. Or enhance existing UGC with fresh templates, to generate ad creatives at scale.
Actionable insights for content syndication

Validate product syndication performance with actionable insights

Measure the impact of your product content syndication every step of the way and maximize it with Flaminjoy. Use a unified dashboard to gain new data and perspectives on your team’s efforts. This tool’s analytics features let you measure every piece of content that you syndicate:

Determine the impact of social commerce on your website.
Ultimately prove the ROI and impact of UGC on each platform.
Optimize and improve collaboration with the best brand advocates.
Shoppable Galleries using User Generated Content

Why you should syndicate your content with Flaminjoy

Consumers moved their shopping online for easier interaction and more convenience. This also makes it impossible for them to use their senses when making a decision. They can’t touch or smell products, so it’s your responsibility to make up for this lack of information. Top players in the commerce field already use Flaminjoy to help buyers trust what’s on their digital shelf.

Provide an authentic context, that is relatable to your customers.
Add information on top of content, to create context with UGC. Use a product content syndication software that lets your buyers access details like prices, descriptions, and dimensions without asking for extra clicks.
Easily connect your product feed. This way, your syndicated content gets fresh data in real-time with zero human interaction needed.

Functionalities of Product Content Syndication

Create and customize engaging Shoppable Galleries
Turn UGC from influencers into social content or attractive ads, in minutes
Transform static product images into engaging animated videos, at scale
Gather content in one platform and distribute everywhere
Track competitors and use insights for better content creation
Connect an ecommerce product feed for easy content pinning
Measure the impact of Shoppable Galleries and influencer collaborations
Create specific content for every step in the customer journey
Make Shoppable Galleries always stay up to date with a single click

How these brands use Product Content Syndication

Verdino activates micro-influencers to create the conversation around meat alternatives

XpertBeauty increases Average Order Value by over 100% with UGC integration

Morphy Richards gets 3x ROI on ads spend while entering a new market

Flaminjoy opened new doors for us in marketing. Not only are we inspiring our customers with content done by our influencers, but we are also able to increase our conversions and track the results at the same time.

More conversions for an inspired audience

Branislav Ramsak, CXO & Founder, Eyerim

Centralize, distribute and optimize product experiences across multiple touchpoints in the customer journey.

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