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Product experience creation for trustable social commerce

Gain more consumer trust by creating relevant product experiences across the full commerce ecosystem.

Benefits of Product Experience

Easily repurpose content for maximum impact
Provide product context across the customer journey
Measure product content performance

How these brands use Product Experience

Morphy Richards gets 3x ROI on ads spend while entering a new market

XpertBeauty increases Average Order Value by over 100% with UGC integration

Verdino activates micro-influencers to create the conversation around meat alternatives

Thanks to Flaminjoy, we've got an accurate understanding of the real impact of UGC on our local market. We can now easily see which types of UGC, #hashtags are increasing engagement and traffic.

UGC is now measurable!

Ioana Marzac-Sigarteu, Corporate Communications Manager, Samsung Romania
Social content aggregation

Aggregate product content and continually optimize it

The best content around your product is already there. Consumers already talk about your brand and products online. Amplify that social proof and content generation by starting a campaign collaborating with influencers that share similar interests to yours.

Collect all the social content in a single product experience management system. Filter and optimize it based on data-driven insights, then organize it so it’s ready to be distributed.

Gather your content in the Content Hub
Asset repurposing for the customer journey

Repurpose content to create relevant product experiences

Once your content is organized, deliver it to the most important touchpoints along the customer journey. Embed shoppable galleries to shorten the path from scroll to buy, enhance the product identity on the digital shelf and use it for advertising, or simply make the most of the user-generated content in your social media strategy.

Flaminjoy is the PXM software that gives you the tools to orchestrate and control every piece of product content that’s been created.

Enhance your product content
Product experience measurement

Measure product experience management, focus on what works best

Product experience doesn’t stop at creating context. The impact of experiences created around the product should always be measured. Get your actionable insights in an easy-to-understand & data-driven environment. Find out what impacts your customers most by analyzing how they interact with the product content you promote.

Measure Influencer & ROI analytics
Relatable product context

Offer relatable context to activate the shopping journey using PXM software

Don’t let your prospects wonder about the use of your product. Show them how others already use items from your inventory by centralizing user-generated content and placing it strategically, in key touchpoints.

Guide the customers to purchase by showing them how great your product is. Make your message more relevant and convincing for the customer with Flaminjoy’s product experience software.

Syndicate your product content
PXM to curate compelling product content

PXM as a tool to boost team productivity

Empower your marketing team to work more effectively by equipping them with the needed tools. To build social commerce, the product experience tool is now an essential part of their day-to-day job.

Help your team create and curate compelling product content that inspires. Any marketing team achieves greater results by convincing customers to trust the products they sell.

See the creative automation benefits

Influence consumer behavior with Flaminjoy

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What’s included

Fully-featured free plan
Personalized ad template creation
Onboarding call for objectives setup
Knowledge Base to guide your steps
Product Feed integration
Video tutorial to help you get started

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