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A Visual Commerce Platform for Seamless Customer Journeys

Automated visual marketing solutions for building product experience and facilitating product discovery.

Benefits of Visual Commerce

Encourage visitors to buy faster
Turn engaging social content into shoppable galleries
Shoppers gain more trust when they see real product content

How these brands use Visual Commerce

Lensa turns 7 through Instagram and TikTok influencers

Alpin turns to micro-influencers for spectacular Instagram growth

Caroli turns online UGC into measurable offline sales

Thanks to Flaminjoy, over 70.000 images from the Untold Festival were gathered using dedicated Instagram hashtags across 4 days. Users at the festival could snap a pic and within seconds see them on digital screens. We’ve given our people a chance to be famous for a few seconds in an interactive way.

Real-time festival integration

Ioana Chifor, PR Manager, UNTOLD
UGC product showcase using visual commerce

Customer engagement and education

Get closer to your customers using Flaminjoy’s all-in-one social shopping platform. Interact with the customers during their buying journeys and highlight your products’ key benefits, through inspiring and relevant visual content.

Visual assets on your website invite customers to discover your products, engage with them digitally and see how they best fit their needs and expectations. Showcase your products in a powerful out-of-the-box portrayal.

Earn trust through Shoppable Galleries
Social shopping platform conversions

Cost-effective way to increase sales using a social shopping platform

Save time, while innovating to increase sales through a visual marketing platform. Provide relatable context for your products, so you can help customers be inspired and connect with your inventory faster. With multiple Pins per image, you can promote different products in the same piece of creative content.

Increase sales using visual shopping
Sales increase through authentic creator content

Provide social proof with a social commerce platform

Customer trust is the fuel for growth. Build that trust with social proof from User Generated Content. Harness the power of UGC within a social commerce platform and show your customers how your product will fit perfectly into their lives. Increase their trust in your brand with proof that other people are already using your products. Help your customers make the buying decision faster and feel confident about their choice.

Gather your social content in the Content Hub
Omnichannel visual commerce solution

Omnichannel visual shopping to meet your customers across all touch points

Flaminjoy can be implemented anywhere – from an in-store display to a large interactive event panel. Reap the benefits of your visual shopping efforts by utilizing content across all your brand’s touchpoints.

Create a more relevant & meaningful shopping experience and engage the customers with product pictures that speak their language on large screens placed in-store.

Or gather user-generated images using dedicated hashtags and display them live, during your event. This gets people talking and increases word of mouth and engagement online.

Distribute your User Generated Content

Enhance your customers’ shopping experience with Flaminjoy

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What’s included

Fully-featured free plan
Personalized ad template creation
Onboarding call for objectives setup
Knowledge Base to guide your steps
Product Feed integration
Video tutorial to help you get started

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