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Instagram analytics: monitoring reports for your campaigns

Use one dashboard to view actionable insights about everything your team does on Instagram. Track all the important metrics to stay on top of your competitors.

One Instagram analytics tool that gives you insights into everything you do on Instagram. With Flaminjoy, you create strategies and plan your content with the confidence that they perform. See what works and what doesn’t, and scale results based on data. See how image and video posts, carousels, stories, and their timing influence your social media growth.

Instagram analytics tool

Social media tracking with the Instagram report tool

The most important social media platform for commerce now has a dedicated dashboard. Track your business’ posts on Instagram with Flaminjoy and access more than the standard stats. Post types have a huge impact on your results. Decide on what works best by analyzing:

Determine what the best ratio is. Does your audience like ephemeral content, or do they like the option to access it anytime?
Make an informed decision about how much effort your designers should plan for, and what the expected results should be.
Videos posted once per week may bring more results than photo carousels posted daily.
Instagram influencers analytics tracking

Campaigns monitoring dashboard integrated with influencers analytics

Beyond individual posts, it’s important that your social media analytics tool can encompass an overview of the entire campaign. Use the Instagram influencers analytics before launching a creator collaboration. To make the most of your Instagram campaigns, Flaminjoy enables you to:

Do it in the same platform where you planned it.
Look at the content and the promoted products.
Get access to all campaign data in one place.
Influencer audience tracking

Use the audience tracker within the Instagram analytics tool

Your marketing campaigns and products would be nothing without an engaged audience. People that follow you are the ones who fuel your success. Take good care of them and pay attention to the way they engage with your business on Instagram.

This is when they’re most likely to interact with your posts. Time zone is a very important detail when having an international brand.
Communicate with them where and when they’re available. Strategize customer care and prepare in advance based on audience data.
These are the ones that can boost your user-generated content process. Turn your product aficionados into trust builders.
Instagram report tool for competitor analysis

Competitor analysis on Instagram

Avoid your competitors’ mistakes by simply analyzing what they’re doing. Figure out what’s working and what isn’t before launching your marketing campaigns, through our Instagram report tool. Gain access to the same social media analytics as for your account.

Get inspired for new strategies and content, for business growth.
See what performs best for your competition.
Identify current gaps in your competitor’s strategy.

Functionalities of Instagram Analytics

See how your account is performing over time
Track content via a hashtag
Turn raw data into connected pieces of insights
Analyze Feed Posts and Stories performance
See how various content types correlate to growth
Find out when your followers are online
Adapt your content to your audience’s gender, age and locations
Compare your activity to your competitors
Filter all data by specific dates

How these brands use Instagram Analytics

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We’ve upgraded our social media game since our launch of George - the newest banking platform of BCR, but we didn’t have enough metrics to make a data-approach strategy. Flaminjoy's Social Media Analytics solved our problem.

Analytics for ever-evolving social platforms

Laura Plugaru, Digital Expert, BCR

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