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Shoppable Content Galleries: Social Commerce tools that sell

Convert your best content into shoppable posts. Add an Instagam feed to your website and turn social content into a revenue booster and while enriching your customers' buying experience.

Streamline the path to purchase and increase conversions with shoppable images built from your best branded content and UGC. Embed shoppable social galleries to your website, product pages and personalized landing pages. It’s now easy to create and use a shoppable Instagram feed!

Shoppable Instagram feed organization using tags

Put the Tag on your Hashtag in a shoppable instagram feed

Create amazing shoppable images for your website using only the best UGC. Think of it this way: you have aggregated 100+ Instagram feed posts using the same exact hashtags. How do you decide which ones to display? Easy – use tags to rate them, add more details, and provide context.

Analyze insightful data about:

See how many times visitors viewed your content and how many of them clicked through to the linked products.
Find the best performing content.
Understand which pages performed best and which didn’t, to adapt accordingly.
Advanced content search

Advanced content search to repurpose only the best accounts and hashtags

Within the social shopping tool, create Queries based on an account or a hashtag search. Select only the best performing UGC or brand-owned content for your customers to see. After creating a Query, content data will be pulled immediately into the platform for you to use next – add to Boards, curate, see analytics.

Enhance your website with UGC from inspiring hashtags and turn social content into commercial results.
For example a competitor or a partner’s brand account.
The platform will gather content featuring those words within the content’s caption.
Shoppable posts creation using pins and product feeds

Multiple pins per image and Product Feed integration to promote different products

Transform regular pieces of content into shoppable images. Add Pins to your social content to offer your customers a relatable context of your products.

Flaminjoy allows you to use a connected Product Feed, which has the advantage of a large product image showing up at the right of your content. Plus, you’ll have your product information always up to date. Display a shoppable gallery promoting your product in 3 easy steps:

Add them by hand or connect a product feed to use a simple dropdown interface.
Showcase your pinned UGC however you want, using various layouts.
Copy a simple line of code and enjoy increased Conversion Rates and Average Order Value.
Shoppable Instagram feed for website

Personalize your Instagram widget galleries with layouts that best suit you

Add the Instagram widget to your website and personlize it any way you want. Choose the layouts that best showcase your brand in an image, video or slideshow format.

Use a grid layout for clarity, or a carousel that displays multiple UGC images where your products are pinned.
Show your customer how your product looks in a natural location by using a masonry layout that displays the images in their original height and width ratios.
Embed both images and videos to your ecommerce site and help your customers discover your product easier.

Functionalities of Shoppable Content Galleries

Create Shoppable Galleries for Homepage, Category and Product Pages
Choose from 5 different Shoppable Gallery layouts
Track conversions using the Google Analytics integration
Analyze Views, Clicks and Conversions in one dashboard
Integrate the Shoppable Gallery anywhere on the page
Add multiple Pins per image or video
Create dedicated inspirational pages using just the Shoppable Gallery
Integrate the Ecommerce Product Feed for easier pinning
Distribute the Shoppable Galleries everywhere: websites, apps, social displays, etc.

How these brands use Shoppable Content Galleries

Lensa turns 7 through Instagram and TikTok influencers

Caroli turns online UGC into measurable offline sales

Alpin turns to micro-influencers for spectacular Instagram growth

Use Shoppable Galleries to transform visitors into shoppers

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