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Creative Automation Solution to Scale Your Ad Content Production

Decrease your time to market and seamlessly generate hundreds of creatives for automated advertising in minutes.

Benefits of Creative Automation

Dramatically reduce content design hours
Massively improve ad testing ability
Eliminate human errors

How these brands use Creative Automation

Mega Image sells out in 5 days, thanks to micro-influencer content

Loncolor achieves a 9% brand lift through the Social Display innovation

Dove achieves a Click-through Rate of 7%, 13 times higher than the industry average

Thanks to Flaminjoy, we've got an accurate understanding of the real impact of UGC on our local market. We can now easily see which types of UGC, #hashtags are increasing engagement and traffic.

UGC is now measurable!

Ioana Marzac-Sigarteu, Corporate Communications Manager, Samsung Romania
Transformation of one asset into different banners

Enable automated advertising, using all your brand's digital assets

Maintain omnichannel consistency and stay on brand every time with automated advertising. Eliminate bottlenecks like branding compliance and enable your teams globally to build engaging ad designs at a faster rate. You have full control over which elements can be edited. Deliver messages that are always in line with the identity and values of your brand across channels.

Flaminjoy’s creative automation solution allows your distributed teams to output the campaign version they need using your universal requirements.

Try out automated creatives
Generation of banners in multiple sizes

Scale your digital advertising with variety and volume

Flaminjoy enables you to meet your audience’s expectations for diversity while experimenting with formats and creatives – at scale. Digital marketing feeds on-brand creative assets. Design teams can only deliver so many creatives, in their limited daily time.

This is where creative automation comes in. Mix Brand Owned Content from social, Product Feeds from the ecommerce website, and User Generated Content from Influencer Campaigns and generate highly engaging ad creatives.

No need to search for a creative automation company. The marketing team alone can update these creatives in real-time, with only a few clicks. This helps you broaden the scope of your advertising campaigns and allows your design team to focus more on creativity and ideation.

Scale your digital advertising
Multiple content sources for banner creation

Help your distributed teams collaborate effectively using ad automation

Eliminate repetitive work and enable productive team collaboration. Centralize and standardize creative workflows in one easy-to-navigate dashboard and streamline communication between teams.

Help them work efficiently and eliminate duplicative work, giving them more time for ideation. Since everything is happening in the cloud, back and forth email communication is eliminated and creative production velocity increases.

Eliminate repetitive work
At scale banner generation

Opportunity for endless optimization and experimentation

10X faster content production to run always-on campaigns. Flaminjoy enables you to adapt content for ad automation as needed, in real-time. Run campaigns with tailored creatives best suited to your audience’s preferences.

Creative automation allows you to build as many variations as you need and test which ones work best, with only a few clicks, in a matter of minutes. You identified a hero product variation that your customers can’t get enough of? Run campaigns using templates that showcase that specific variation’s usability. Adapt your copy, images, colors, or CTAs to best showcase your product and gain more valuable insights.

Produce content faster

Accelerate ad design creation - without sacrificing brand guidelines

Get started for free

What’s included

Fully-featured free plan
Personalized ad template creation
Onboarding call for objectives setup
Knowledge Base to guide your steps
Product Feed integration
Video tutorial to help you get started

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