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Enhanced Product Content For Greater Visual Appeal

Inspire customers to pick better and buy faster with UGC, increase conversions, and track results

Create a strong first impression using enhanced content in your product pages, and build customer trust to boost your sales. With more appealing and relevant visual information about your products, you shorten the decision-making process.

This also helps customers choose the products that relate more to their needs. Amping up your product content with visual and shoppable elements improves your customers’ digital shelf experience. Show compelling, meaningful stories of your products, at scale.

Product feed to shoppable galleries connection

Fuel the shopping experience with your product feed

Make UGC shoppable by connecting it to your product feed. With Flaminjoy, your website’s product feed is checked and updated in real-time. This enables you to deliver engaging content and promote the right products at the right time.

You can easily connect your product feed to the Flaminjoy platform by following a simple process:

Providing a standard Product Feed - formatted in the standard Google Merchant Center and Facebook Commerce way.
Match product metadata such as Product Title, Price, Image URL, etc.
Data from the Product Feed is checked and updated in real-time.
Product pins on top of user generated content

Pin products in boards of content

Create boards from UGC or from your own social media content and pin products to build a full product experience. Add a convincing visual layer to your products, relatable to your customers.

Select where you want your Pin to be added, from a simple dropdown menu.
Pin as many products as needed on a piece of content.
Take the pinned UGC with your products and turn them into Shopppable Galleries, to be used on your website.
Enhanced content performance analytics

View detailed enhanced content performance analytics

Keep a close eye on how your enhanced product content is performing with Flaminjoy’s comprehensive analytics. Make data-driven and risk-free decisions when it comes to repurposing UGC, so you can offer to your customers the most relevant and convincing product experience. 

Analyze the visual comparison between Viewed Pins and Clicked Pins.
These are the pages that registered the most Pin clicks.
These represent the pages with the most Pin views.

Functionalities of Enhanced Product Content

Add UGC on the homepage, category and product pages
Create unique, inspirational landing pages using Shoppable Galleries
Increase user trust and convince them to purchase faster
Select specific products to highlight in associated UGC
Pin one or more products on top of images or videos from Shoppable Galleries
Measure the impact of Shoppable Galleries connected to Google Analytics
Show off your most engaging or recent UGC
Shoppable Galleries are mobile-friendly and adaptable to any device
All the UGC usage rights belong to you

How these brands use Enhanced Product Content

Alpin turns to micro-influencers for spectacular Instagram growth

Verdino activates micro-influencers to create the conversation around meat alternatives

Samsung turns UGC into a Live Museum

Flaminjoy opened new doors for us in marketing. Not only are we inspiring our customers with content done by our influencers, but we are also able to increase our conversions and track the results at the same time.

More conversions for an inspired audience

Branislav Ramsak, CXO & Founder, Eyerim

Show, don’t tell how great your products are.

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