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Influencer & ROI analytics for successful social commerce campaigns

Analyze influencer campaigns results in one platform. Determining which influencers perform the best for your business is now child’s play with Flaminjoy.

Whether you’re collaborating with influencers or just starting out, rely on Analytics to easily track campaign performance. Beyond content generation, the ROI of influencer campaigns should be a mandatory metric for your company. Measure, analyze, and evaluate creators’ performance using influencer analytics.

Influencer analytics in one dashboard

Research influencers that perform for your business

With Flaminjoy, you will never start from zero. When researching the right influencers, you’ll be able to handpick your next collaborators based on their previous work. Determine what metrics are important for your business at the moment and match the insights in one dedicated dashboard.

Look at what posts they’re creating and correlate them with your brand.
See if they really fit in with your brand.
Find out if they’re on an increasing trajectory.
Influencer analytics tool for creator evaluation

Evaluate creators using a hashtag tracker and an influencer analytics tool

Get to know the quality of your influencers and the type of ROI they bring before sealing the deal using the influencer tracker. Align their account metrics with your campaign requirements.

See how they’re stacking up and analyze different influencers.
Understand how their posts have performed, based on recent activity.
Get a sense of how evergreen their content is for future repurposing.
Influencer analytics comparison

Collaborate with the most efficient creators, using influencer analytics

Start your influencer campaigns with confidence and get actionable insights about what collaborations work best through an Influencer analytics tool. With Flaminjoy, you’ll be empowered with the right solutions to streamline your work and maximize the ROI. Instantly understand influencer efficacy by gaining access to the most relevant metrics.

Get access to data the moment a post goes live.
Remember the best performing ones and collaborate with them again.
Add groups for your influencers, that you know you can count on.
Influencer campaign results tracking

Analyze influencer campaign results and plan for the next one

Your products deserve to be mentioned by everybody. Build trust by collaborating with influencers that understand your business and tone of voice, while amplifying your campaign messaging. Dig deeper into cost, ROI, and hashtags analytics with Flaminjoy.

As collaboration is a two-way street, you can also determine what keeps the influencers attached to your brand. This influencer & ROI analytics tool enables you to benchmark everything with its hashtag tracker, from influencers’ affinity for your products to their preferred compensation model.

Functionalities of Influencer & ROI Analytics

Find the types of post they’re creating
Look at their content, to see if it’s a brand fit
Track the performance of influencer campaigns
See how influencer content has performed in the past
Understand their audience: gender, age, locations
Track the influencer follower growth
See their average engagement (likes, comments)
Look at the past Reach and Impressions
Filter content by Feed Posts or Stories

How these brands use Influencer & ROI Analytics

L’Oréal gets 11x better CTR on ads spend by leveraging creators inside dynamic ad formats

Mega Image sells out in 5 days, thanks to micro-influencer content

Irena Eris promotes Douglas.ro availability through inspiring creators

Create and measure influencer campaigns with confidence

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Fully-featured free plan
Personalized ad template creation
Onboarding call for objectives setup
Knowledge Base to guide your steps
Product Feed integration
Video tutorial to help you get started

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