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Influencer Campaigns: A hub for A to Z Collaborations Management

Everything you need for effective social media influencer campaigns, from planning to analytics and insights, synced.

Find the brand advocates that will best showcase your products. Easily communicate your social influencer campaign scope, requirements and specifications. Monitor the performance of your influencer-generated content in real-time. Do it all with Flaminjoy’s all-in-one feature.

Social media influencer campaign briefs

Create comprehensive briefs for a social influencer campaign

Create specific briefs meant to express your campaign requirements and objectives clearly. With Flaminjoy you can communicate specifications for a social media influencer campaign using details like theme, types of content that need to be created, duration, brand guidelines, deadlines,  and everything you consider relevant.

To create a new Brief, follow these simple steps:

Remember - you can have a total campaign duration and shorter briefs within it. Or you can have just one brief per campaign
Add campaign requirements and limitations, especially related to brand guidelines and other mandatory aspects that must be taken into consideration.
Define the type of content the influencers have to create for your campaign: Feed Posts, Stories, or other formats.
Influencer campaign communication organization

Automate processes & streamline communication with influencers

Streamline your communication within an Instagram influencer campaign by organizing them into groups. That way, you can assign multiple campaign descriptions and briefs. Effectively communicate your brand requirements and your products’ value and then let them work their magic in their own creative ways. Depending on the campaign’s objectives, you might:

Do it weekly or monthly, depending on your campaign scope of work. Keep your influencers on-brand and an eye on the results you want to obtain.
Classify them according to their influence level: Nano, Micro, Macro, or Mega, and have a clear view of the best fit for your campaign. Or by their niche: Beauty, Fashion, Technology, etc.
Instagram influencer campaign research

Filter and find the right creators for an instagram influencer campaign

The perfect influencers mean the difference between a standard and an exceptional collaboration, that provides value for years to come. This is why it’s very important to do the research before starting any campaign. Since every influencer is directly connected to the platform, all stats are coming straight from their accounts, in real-time.

Filter by influencer country and city, as well as niche (fashion, beauty, technology, etc.).
See the followers’ gender and age.
Follower evolution, average likes&comments, impressions and reach.
Easily export product sampling information for the courier, from the platform.
Social media influencers relationship platform

Create long lasting relationships & activate influencers

A successful influencer marketing campaign means finding the right advocate for telling your brand’s story organically to your target audience. While some influencers might be incentivized by monetary rewards, many other forms of compensation work like magic. Flaminjoy’s features enable you to make offers aligned with what influencers want. Select one or multiple rewards:

Use these for future purchases at a discounted price. 
Select the currency and amount and describe your offer to the influencer.
This enables them to test your product and portray it in a flattering manner.
Make the rewards specific to fit your social campaign. This can mean a contest-type campaign where the most creative wins a prize.
Hashtag tracking for influencer campaigns

Monitor & analyze influencer-generated content

Analyze insightful data by tracking hashtags. Get to understand the social sentiment about your product. You can do this by analyzing the average number of likes and comments gathered by tracked hashtags. 

Look at associated likes, comments, and shares on Photos, Videos, Carousels, and Stories posted by your influencers. Find out what type of content makes your potential customers stop scrolling and interact with the content.
Keep an eye on your post density daily, or hourly.
You can download reports (.PDF format) right after the campaign ends, organized by campaign and brief if you have multiple briefs. 

Functionalities of Influencer Marketing

See personalized insights for all platform influencers
Create standardized campaign briefs for quick start of collaborations
Collaborate with influencers from multiple countries
Onboard your own influencers to work with
Choose from: Nano, Micro, Macro and Mega Influencers
Select up to 5 niches in one group
Filter by the influencers' audience
See campaign insights once a piece of content is posted
Download campaign reports (.PDF format)

How these brands use Influencer Marketing

SABON gathers UGC and Ambassador content to enhance the online experience

Mega Image sells out in 5 days, thanks to micro-influencer content

Lensa turns 7 through Instagram and TikTok influencers

Thanks to Flaminjoy, we've got an accurate understanding of the real impact of UGC on our local market. We can now easily see which types of UGC, #hashtags are increasing engagement and traffic.

UGC is now measurable!

Ioana Marzac-Sigarteu, Corporate Communications Manager, Samsung Romania

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