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11 Best Instagram Apps to Save Businesses from The Ordinary

Influencer Marketing | January 9, 2023 | 6 min

Most times, you can tell at a glance which Instagram account belongs to a business and which to a creator. It is so easy for brands to lose touch with the purpose of social networks: connection. Some profiles look like they were created just to tick a task off a gigantic list.

Luckily, marketers don’t need a lot of time to create inspiring posts on a daily basis. They have the best Instagram apps by their side to help them avoid lackluster content. Stay tuned to discover all 10 of the most efficient tools plus their alternatives for a better selection process!

1. Quik by GoPro

OS Compatibility: Android, iOS, Desktop

GoPro quik app presentation as a video editor for Instagram posts

GoPro is all about spending less time on dull tasks and more time on exhilarating action. The same goes for its Quik mobile video editor. Just a few taps on the screen and your footage turns into an exciting event full of revigorating music, effects, graphics, and font styles.

For those days when marketers are on really bad terms with their deadlines, Quik video presets are a lifesaver. You can select one preset template and a stylish mix of filters, transitions, fonts, and graphics will automatically dress up any clip.

Above al, they charge nothing. Instead, Quik helps creators and publishers pick up speed and edit one jaw-dropping video after another. 

Quick by GoPro Alternative: FilmoraGo

A similarly free video editor, FilmoraGo is rich in effects, music, motion graphics and themes. The results are also easy to share and are highly compatible with YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

2. TouchRetouch

OS Compatibility: Android, iOS, Desktop

You finally get the right angle for a perfect promotional cover. But wait! You suddenly notice that your colleague’s elbow is photobombing the entire project. You have two options: either recreate the frame from scratch or download TouchRetouch.

With TouchRetouch in your toolkit, all Instagram posts will appear sleek, clean, to the point. Unaesthetic cables, smears, pens, and other out of place items will disturb your posts no more. 

All in all, this is a simple solution that requires a one-time payment. However, it’s worth every penny and then some Defect elimination makes it one of the best Instagram apps for businesses. 

TouchRetouch Alternative: Adobe Photoshop Fix

Adobe Photoshop Fix developed its own erasing feature among others where others can get daunting. Unlike TouchRetouch, Adobe’s alternative requires quite a learning curve. Light the eyes, darken the background, heal burnt pixels, erase unwanted logos, tattoos, hair locs, and much more for a pristine Instagram profile.

3. Flaminjoy – Creative Automation

OS Compatibility: Desktop

productlead content generator tool which creates new visuals for instagram

The creative process behind a content marketing plan requires a lot of time. Often, daily posts on multiple social channels take marketers days to finish. However, it’s not the execution that takes up the majority of the time, but creativity.

Flaminjoy devised a tool that enables brands to keep the quality of their posts high at all times. It’s called Creative Automation. What it does is similar to a generator that mixes elements (in-house photography, UGC, frames, templates, CTAs, messages, etc.) together and delivers professional and engaging illustrations.

The entire process follows a strategic path through the prism of templates. There is no randomization but everything happens for a reason. Each element finds its rightful place according to templates that proved successful within certain industries: fashion, travel, beauty, etc.

With the help of Creative Automation, publishers spend less time creating their Instagram posts ahead. Instead of days, their tasks will need a space of a few hours.

Flaminjoy Alternative: Any Marketing Agency

Broadly speaking, any marketing agency is ready to produce original banners, social posts or advertising material for their clients. However, this process usually entails manual work which translates into a larger need of time, money, and human input.

4. Layout from Instagram: Collage

OS Compatibility: Android, iOS

Layout from Instagram: Collage app presentation

One of the best Instagram apps actually belongs to the Instagram umbrella. Collage does something that the standard social network app cannot accommodate: photo combinations.

It’s easier to tell a story when you work with several images at a time. With Layout from Instagram, marketers can combine pictures from their company events for instance into one collage. This way, one Instagram post can render the atmosphere of a 2-hour show easily.

Collage Alternative: PicsArt

More than just a mobile collage maker, PicsArt enriches the Instagram world with basic yet solid collages, but also stickers, templates, backgrounds, borders, etc. Users can make their photos unrecognizable by creating cutouts, stretching, cloning, cropping, and other cool actions. The possibilities are endless.


OS Compatibility: Android, iOS

vsco app presentation as a video editor for Instagram posts

An intuitive photo editor for mobile screens, VSCO earned a pristine reputation among creators thanks to its minimalism. Its presets deliver impactful vibes across social platforms. Few users remain unmoved whenever they stumble upon a VSCO-edited photo or video as they scroll down their feeds.

Filters, frames, and other stunning edits make VSCO worth the annual subscription. Try it out for free for 7 days and see if VSCO fits your style.

VSCO Alternative: Vaporgram

Longing for the glorious days of colorful yet glitchy videotapes? Vaporgram transports your Instagram profile back to the future with its own retro frames and vintage effects.

6. Photoshop Express

OS Compatibility: Android, iOS

photoshop express app presentation as a video editor for Instagram posts

Multimedia creation behemoth, Adobe, is gifting the worldwide creative community yet another flawless editing app: Photoshop Express. Over 80 presets are waiting for users to level up their Instagram posts among tons of other features such as blemish removal, frames, image resize, noise removal, crop, auto-fix, etc.

A vast majority of reviews are pointing out to its user-friendly interface. For those familiar with Adobe products, getting around this app is a breeze. Its basic features are free with the option to upgrade to a premium version for a paid Adobe account.

Photoshop Express Alternative: Pixlr

If you don’t want to get too much into detail, a transition from professional to fun might be just for you. Pixlr makes photo editing for Instagram entertaining with a fully adjustable Collage interface, plus other eye-candy effects, overlays, and fonts.

7. Canva

OS Compatibility: Adobe, iOS, Desktop

canva app presentation as an image editor for Instagram posts

As one of the first online photo editors, Canva brought a lot of innovation into the mix. Overall, this app resembles many popular editing apps. However, Canva distinguishes itself through unique, eye-catching graphics.

Its core strength lies in an extensive collection of elements perfect for infographics. Therefore, we recommend Canva for those brands that want to leave their mark on Instagram through information-packed yet attractive illustrations.

Canva Alternative: Crello

The guys behind DepositPhotos are bringing to Canva a fierce competitor embodied in the Crello app. This is a sort of Canva 0.2. Same DIY graphic design concept with the added edge of an advanced Animation Maker tool.

8. Planoly

OS Compatibility: Android, iOS, Desktop

planoly app presentation as a post planning platform for Instagram posts

What’s an Instagram business profile without a plan? Take one day per week to create beautiful concepts and schedule them 7 days in advance with Planoly.

This is the first planning app that took advantage of Instagram’s permission for third parties to post on their users’ behalf.  However, Planoly can post automatically only for those with an Instagram Business Account. Nonetheless, the switch is easy to activate in Settings.

The free version allows marketers to link one Instagram account and up to 30 photo uploads per month. As a bonus, users get access to some basic analytics that reveals stats about traffic and fluctuations in the number of followers.

Besides post scheduling, Planoly offers users perspective by arranging their grids before going live. You can simply drag and drop photos and see how well they go together in the app’s grid. 

Planoly Alternative: Preview

Thinking of color grading your Instagram wall without breaking a sweat? Preview makes it fun and easy through an intuitive dashboard where you can rearrange posts any way you like it.

9. AutoHash

OS Compatibility: Android

autohash app presentation as a hashtag generator for Instagram posts

Instagram allows for up to 30 hashtags per post. In its turn, such an opportunity opens 30 portals to new pools of leads. Why not taking advantage of this? However, some marketers are skipping this step due to the lengthy efforts they need to put in their hashtag research.

This makes AutoHash one of the best Instagram apps out there for marketers. It offers the easiest way of choosing relevant keywords for each of your posts. Powered by AI, AutoHash identifies elements in photos and selects appropriate hashtags. 

Your job is to select the hashtags you deem relevant, copy them from the clipboard, and paste them into captions. Unfortunately, this mobile app is only available on Android.

AutoHash Alternative: In Tags

While missing the AI element, In Tags resorts to a more traditional yet still effective implementation method: categories. Choose your industry (Animals, Food, Beverage, etc.) and hit the generator button.

10. Write Behind

OS Compatibility: iOS

write behind app presentation as a text editor for Instagram posts

One app for one dramatic effect: text placed behind an object in your photo. This feature alone makes invitations, posters, and product promotions stand out from the crowd.

Write Behind offers over 80 different fonts and allows users to adjust color, depth, shadow, and saturation of their typography. In the end, users get an impactful visual that catches people’s attention on social media.

Write Behind Alternative: Text on Pictures

In the absence of an equally innovative opponent, do you accept a Write on Top alternative? Text on Pictures brings forth a simple solution to add an explanation or an inspirational quote to your Instagram photos. An amazing selection of pixel fonts with editable colors coupled with expressive stickers lends a creative voice to your Instagram feed.

11. Instachamp

MobileMonkey’s Instachamp is a platform for Instagram DM (direct message) automation tools.

It is built for brands to provide customer service and interactions at scale. InstaChamp makes it possible for creators, influencers, and coaches to scale organic engagement and accelerate follower growth on Instagram.

  • It helps you:
    Grow your followers through engagement
    Respond to DMs automatically
    Boost visibility with fans and their friends

Start Posting

This concludes our list of 10 best Instagram apps. Each of them makes marketers’ lives easier. Amazing filters, quick video edits, simple object removals, one smart visual generator, and an intuitive visual planner can all work together to streamline the creative process for an engaging Instagram presence. Upgrade your toolkit today and let these modern solutions do the heavy lifting!

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