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Don’t Fall Behind: Boost Your Brand on Social

Influencer Marketing | January 9, 2023 | 5 min

Let’s begin with a secret: learning how to boost social media presence is a matter of consistency, not creativity. A one at every two weeks post will get lost in the feeds at lightning speed, no matter how innovative the message is. 

But what if your carefully curated post gets viral you may ask? Again, one swallow doesn’t make a summer. A regular social activity that keeps followers engaged daily is preferred to an unresponsive, impersonal business account.

In the following 7 chapters, you’re going to dive deeper into what it takes to build a magnetic social profile for your brand. It all starts with a well-structured editorial calendar. However, before this step, there are other tricks to take advantage of.

1. Compromise on the Number of Social Networks

First off, a smart brand commits to particular platforms only. Your brand doesn’t need all social networks to succeed, just a handful of them:

  • Facebook: The most long-lasting social channel, Facebook boasts the largest number of social users: 1.5 billion+. While Facebook ensures enormous reach for any business, it is the lack of engagement that pulls it down.  Works well for: Fashion, Entertainment, Marketing, eCommerce, Auto, and Retail.
  • Instagram: A spellbinding visual experience, Instagram attracts primarily millennials and teenagers. Consequently, brand awareness can grow only through images, videos, and Stories. Works well for: Travel, Fashion, Beauty, Healthy, Arts, Food and Beverage, Photography, eCommerce, and Auto. 
  • Twitter: You have 280 characters at your disposal to make your brand look good. People between 18 and 29 use this channel to stay updated to trends and also to leverage customer service. Works well for: News, Retail, eCommerce, Finance, Sports, Health, Literature.
  • LinkedIn: As a B2B service, your brand automatically fits the world of LinkedIn. This is the best digital place to meet professionals and forge strong ties with target businesses. What works best here are ideas or personal industry insights explained through text coupled with relevant visuals. Considering that 4 out of 5 LinkedIn users are decision-makers, LinkedIn is the number one B2B social media. Works well for: Recruitment, Science, Tech, Legal, Professional Services, IT, Finance, Legal.
  • Pinterest: DIY projects, wedding plans, redecoration, and many other exciting hobbies reveal their secrets on Pinterest. On top of that, users can create their own boards with ideal vacation clippings, party planning, wish lists, etc. Works well for: Travel, Fashion, eCommerce, Event Planning, Retail, Arts and Crafts.
productlead list of the main social media platforms - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest

2. Work with SMART Goals

Without a lighthouse, your ship might get lost during stormy weather. SMART goals will show you precisely how to boost social media presence. These short-term KPIs give your efforts structure. 

At the end of the day, the entire strategy will receive well-informed guidance instead of a generic term like “more sales.” For instance, SMART goals will prove that what your marketing team needs is to “Boost the number of Instagram followers by 15% by the end of the third quarter.”

  • Specific: Identify the ideal social platform (Instagram) and a suitable metric (number of followers).
  • Measurable: Make sure the metric is quantifiable and you can register its history.
  • Achievable: A 15% increase in followers in a span of a few weeks is doable. This is a task a marketing team can accomplish, yet with some extra effort.
  • Relevant: By executing the plan, the entire company gets closer to its main objective (which differs from one enterprise to another). In our example, the business gets new followers that bring value on multiple plans.
  • Time-bound: This one guideline is straightforward. Set a deadline and stick to it.

3. Multiple Personality Is a Pet Peeve

How do brands encourage users to visit their profiles again and again? Through consistency. Same voice and same personality lead to the same topics and values. In time, these topics evolve with the reader. Ultimately, this evolution is what makes people return to a page.

Therefore, to boost your online presence on social media, make sure that each post is in line with the brand image. One trick to get to this point is to write an adamant internal guideline for content curation. This way, your profile is going to preserve the same voice at all times. 

4. Endow Human Traits

Mastering how to boost social media presence is no longer a safe, paved way. Instead, it’s a trial and error process that involves human traits. 

What happens is that consumers have access nowadays to a large array of brands. Therefore, they have the luxury to compare and choose the most appealing version. Since products are mostly the same in functionality, consumers proceed to the next set of comparable features: common values.

This is why more and more businesses are giving up their lofty, professional allure. Instead, they are adopting an uplifting, laid-back persona on social media. 

Funny, activist, tech-savvy, creative, sarcastic, shopaholic, curious, honest – these are all traits that came to describe both a person and a company. 

5. Create Your Editorial Calendar

Take control and build the future of your social profiles by leveraging your own editorial calendar. Never skip a celebration day (like your business anniversary or the National Work Like a Dog Day). Work on a buildup, launch, and buzz fueling for a new product ahead of time. 

Such a perspective in its vastness grants marketers clarity, insight, consistency, and vision. All this wouldn’t have been possible without a thorough social media content calendar. 

Another benefit of working on your editorial calendar is testing opportunities. By inserting new types of content into your schedule, you get the perfect mix that won’t allow a mishap to take a hold of your account. However, in case the new idea turns out to be a brilliant one, you’ll add a fresh ingredient to your success recipe that makes followers excited about. 

You can make your life a lot easier by turning to a SMM tool. In this instance, the reigning platform remains Hootsuite. With its scheduling powerhouse and further complementary services (content planning, social media listening, content curation, etc.), Hootsuite helps you stay on top of your social media marketing strategies.

6. Keep Social Selling to a Minimum (20%)

You have an entire website just for that: sales. Use social media as a tunnel of fun that transports followers to your official eCommerce store. 

Therefore, it’s recommended to use the 80-20 rule. More than half of your posts, 80% of them more exactly, should focus on clients. Help, assist, inform, educate, and, above all, entertain. For the rest of them, ask users directly to take advantage of your promotional offers through branded CTAs.

ProductLead Illustration that reveals social post ratio based on percentages

7. Contact Your Sidekicks

You’re not alone in your social media quest. On the contrary, there are tons of intuitive tools that can easily show you how to boost your social media presence overnight.

For starters, any marketing team needs one reliable platform to schedule a month’s worth of posts in advance. It all happens automatically once you subscribe to Buffer, Hootsuite, Sprout Social or BuzzSumo. Create a post, schedule it, and it will appear at the decided time on its own.

Other tools help you amplify the resources you invest in your social strategy. To visualize it, imagine how one ‘share’ leads to 10 more other ‘shares.’ All this time, you’re not lifting a finger, but the tools are working for you.

This is the case with our ecosystem, Flaminjoy. Once a part of it, you get access to a smart platform designed for social media supremacy. 

Drive more leads by owning your own creative generator that creates fresh material for posts and Stories in seconds. Next, Flaminjoy Big Data proves to you which points need improvement based on next-level social analytics. Last but not least, our platform turns your user-generated content into a shoppable gallery that boasts better engagement rates right on your site.

Final Word

In closing, social media is a perpetually expanding territory yet overcrowded. Nonetheless, marketers should still see this land as a major channel for widening their brand awareness among new leads. To prevail, your brand is in need of a plan. 

We’ve shown you how to boost your social media presence. Start working on those SMART goals and editorial calendar. When you’re ready for the next level, return to Flaminjoy to automate your social media amplification on multiple levels from one intuitive platform.

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