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How Influencer Marketing Integration Spices up Traditional Marketing Plan

Influencer Marketing | January 9, 2023 | 5 min

Your business has one character and one voice. To preserve its integrity throughout the many activities that animate a business culture, companies resort to holistic marketing. This new concept implies consistency throughout all advertising channels. A holistic approach also syncs novel additions such as influencer marketing integration to the main marketing plan.

First of all, influencers are content creators on social media who grow and nurture their audience. To reach their community, businesses collaborate with these account owners on personalized campaigns catered to a set of interests unique to their followers.

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Even though the brand addresses to a new pool of leads, it shouldn’t change itself just to please. Otherwise, the multi-stage experience of consumers getting to know a brand loses fluidity.

Today we are going to look at the bigger picture. Influencer marketing has its place across the primary advertising blueprint of any business and we’re going to find it. Read on to understand how to integrate the creative work of influencers into each major marketing system.

1. Social Media

Influencers may not be well-known on TV, but they are certainly ruling over their own kingdoms on social channels. With thousands if not millions of users following their posts, influencers are effective at swaying social audiences one way or another.

Therefore, social media is a great start for an efficient influencer marketing integration. Let’s go through some hands-on strategies:

a. Content Creation

Influencers know what kind of engaging materials their communities love most. For that reason, marketers collaborate with them on organic campaigns that appear exclusively on their accounts.

Usually, influencers are free to come up with innovative concepts that conquer their audience at first sight. The original post appears on creators’ accounts, but companies can share, retweet or regram it as well. 

In the end, business accounts get extremely well represented in front of a compatible audience. Plus, they get access to fresh content for their social posting schedule. 

However, this doesn’t end here. Marketers can repurpose user-generated content (UGC) on further channels, but we’ll tackle this more in-depth in the following chapters.

b. Personalized Discount Codes

Often times, social users get exclusive discounts from their favorite accounts. This single move induces large ripples in social marketing.

First of all, influencers gain a valuable incentive to maintain a loyal community. As long as the promo code is personalized to their own username, it’s like followers are receiving a gift just for them.

At the same time, companies tap into a new conversion strategy. More than half of consumers (57% more precisely) are willing to take a risk and try out a brand for the first time if their first purchase is not integral, but cut down by a coupon.

2. Website

Your website can look so much more authentic if only you make one strategic move: bring in the product reviews that only social media encourages right now. On their personal profiles, consumers (including influencers) are constantly showing proof that their brands and their products work for them. 

The most effective product reviews convince people through images instead of words: UGC. Consequently, Influencer marketing integration also implies uploading a shoppable collection of images on your website. 

Flaminjoy can retrieve all UGC that references your brand in one place. You curate social posts, Flaminjoy makes them shoppable by embedding tags from your catalog. There are several reasons to why these galleries are so great at converting leads into customers:

a. Storytelling

First of all, influencers aren’t popular for nothing. They are proving day in, day out that they inspire people through their content creation.

In other words, their photography picks up nuances that companies can’t in their branded imagery. In one picture, influencers illustrate in a unique way why they love a product. They are entertained, the item solves a nagging issue, they found an innovative way of using it.

For instance, marketing teams have so much liberty only to feature one item at a time. For them, a wrap dress is only that and nothing more.

By contrast, influencers are always on the lookout for new ways to incorporate a novel item into their wardrobe. Consequently, their sponsored posts are most likely to feature an unconventional outfit where the wrap dress is only spicing up the whole look by serving as a cardigan.

Imagine how powerful an eStore becomes when populated by influential product photos only. Each product image tells a story of a romantic date, a traveling adventure or a fun night out with friends where your product is the leading star.

b. More Time for Consumers to Enjoy an Intuitive Shopping Experience

When reviewing a brand at first sight, consumers seek transparency. At the first sign of an attempt at hiding information, they might back away, and companies lose their leads. 

Such a setback usually occurs for two reasons. First, companies neglect streamlining user experience to the point of a fluid and quick visit on the website. Product details might be on one page, but conclusive reviews are usually residing on different webpages altogether. 

Secondly, users’ attention span is now losing focus after 8 seconds. They don’t forgive delays and can move on to a better competitor any time they want.

This is why a UGC gallery proved to be the solution to many eCommerce stores. Inspiring, amateur product images that review qualities at one glimpse are tremendously helpful to buyers. Plus, product tagging that guides them to a shopping page with one click fits into the 8-second attention span like a glove.

3. Online Advertising

Your influencer marketing integration empowers online advertising as well. Whenever marketers repurpose UGC to ads, they activate several signals to success.

a. UGC Repurposing Saves Resources (Time and Money)

How much time have you invested in your last Facebook ad? Let’s say half a working day for a standard Facebook ad.

How much time could revamping UGC into an ad take you? Especially if you’re taking advantage of Flaminjoy creatives automation (an engine that turns UGC into multiple advertising materials for Facebook, Instagram or banners in a heartbeat), we’re talking about minutes.

Curated influencers’ photography can very well channel their charm throughout advertising channels as well, not just social media. This way, marketers skip working with in-house graphic designers on expensive and time-consuming concepts. Influencers have already built the concept, marketers just have to retouch it in line with each advertising channel.

b.  300% Better Results

Even though marketers save time and money on ads resulting from an influencer marketing integration, consumers respond incredibly well to them. An A/B test underlines the customized ads supremacy over branded ads. Facebook ads based on UGC incited a 300% better click-through rate than an ad concept created by a company.

Not only that, but secondary effects are springing from the same ads. According to the same study, the cost per click was cut in half. The same happened with the cost per acquisition.

In the end, influencers come to be an effective advertising strategy that involves a minimal cost. When ads receive an influencer marketing integration, they build up more power on social media.

Influencers help ads use colloquial language instead of the same persuasive, disruptive terms all competitors are using. Ultimately, UGC-based ads look like they belong on social media, sharing many traits with a successful post, and viewers are naturally encouraged to join in the conversation.

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Final Word

All in all, influencer marketing integration can take place at all the main points of any major marketing plan. Your social media channels, website, and ads can easily spark genuine conversations with consumers by talking their language.

Use a new pool of creative and authentic photos to bring the brand closer to audiences without using any words. Influencers’ voice is a smart tool that helps marketers step up their master marketing plan.

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