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5 Strategies for Retailers to Win Millennials Brand Loyalty

Influencer Marketing | January 4, 2023 | 7 min

It’s the generation marketers can’t get enough of. And they’re about to move into their prime spending years. 

Millennials’ habits, preferences, and experiences are shaping the economy—and changing the ways brands conduct business. For retailers, this means an entirely different gap to bridge between marketers and consumers and a boost in their efforts to win Millennials brand loyalty.

Why should this matter for retailers? Because this generation has one more thing in common, beyond their bubblegum pink social media addiction: Millennials are also the most loyal generation to their favorite brands, with just over 50% saying they are extremely or quite loyal to their favorite brands. 

That’s quite a resource to tap into. The future of customer loyalty—and the tech that defines it—is in Millennials’ hands. 

If you’re trying to appeal to Millennial shoppers, establishing brand loyalty is the way to go. Let’s take a look at some Millennial brand loyalty statistics, some examples from well-established brands with Millennial brand loyalty, and what you can do to achieve it.

Why does Millennials brand loyalty matter?

Millennials (24-40-year-olds) are a hugely important audience. Along with Gen Z, they are quickly becoming the dominant population, in sheer numbers, as well as in decision-making power.

Here’s what we know about Millennials and brand loyalty:

  • Millennials are resilient and values-driven. They strongly believe business must have a purpose beyond profit.
  • Members of this particular generation are known for being loyal to brands that have a strong ethos. 
  • Millennials want to shop in a way that’s tailored to their needs and desires as a consumer.

There are a few lessons to be learned here. When it comes to Millennial brand loyalty in relation to first impression and building a relationship:

  • Brands need to identify what Millennials care about and align their products with consumer values.
  • Retailers need to identify ways to bring forth their brand’s purpose in a way that showcases the brand’s values.
  • Brand strategies need to be shifted downstream from products to customers.

5 tactics to generate Millennials Brand Loyalty – with examples

Here are 5 strategies that will help strengthen your relationship with these high-value customers.

1. Focus on visual content

Millennials prefer communication that involves visual content. And that makes a real difference when it comes to Millennial brand loyalty in relation to first exposure. 

Whether they first interact with your brand on social media, in-store, or even directly on your website, visual content has become a key component of a Millennial’s path to purchase. 89% of Millennials are more likely to purchase products that have reviews that feature photos and videos.

A TechSmith study found that people in this generation understand and perform better when visuals are included, especially for complex ideas. Not taking visual content seriously will keep your Millennial brand loyalty low. And that includes using platforms that are based on visual content to communicate, on their own personal time (think Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, etc.).

Chipotle UK uses visual content to showcase its strengths. Here’s them adding a dash of integrity to their Instagram strategy

Chipotle knows that Millennials care about brands that have solid values, and will want to support the brand’s mission, as well as its product.

Here’s how you can use that to your benefit: don’t just tell people how great your products are. Instead, show them directly. Use Flaminjoy’s Visual Commerce Platform to shorten the path from scroll to buy with shoppable galleries and ads. You can showcase visual content throughout your website, then analyze impact and optimize accordingly to drive even better results.

Use visual content to inspire, then watch your ROI skyrocket in Flaminjoy’s Conversion Tracking Analytics. This feature lets you see conversions generated by the social media content embedded in shoppable galleries, directly on your website. 

According to research, you can expect a 91.4% lift in conversion when visitors interact with user-generated photos and videos on a product page. 

2. Show Millennials the true value of your product

It’s not enough to just offer good value for money anymore. In fact, a KPMG study shows that pricing is the least important factor in creating brand loyalty.

What does work, however, is delivering authentic and quality experiences every time the customer has an interaction with your brand, no matter where the encounter happens. 

Whether it’s in-store, online, or on a digital billboard, Flaminjoy’s Omnichannel communication feature lets you meet your customers wherever they are shopping.

It’s what allowed beauty retailer Sabon to highlight UGC on large screens placed in-store and offer a new product discovery experience that’s tailored to Millennials. All that to keep visitors more engaged and reveal cool deals.

Proving that your customers are at the heart of everything the company does will keep them coming back for more. It’s not about the price, it is the proven value that matters.

3. Work on providing trustable reviews

If there’s one thing Millennials have in common, it’s their passion for research. Whether it’s UGC or word-of-mouth, this generation counts on their peers to let them know if a brand is trustable or not.

A growing number of Millennials are now getting inspiration by scrolling through their social media feeds (remember that visual content?). Then, when they’re considering whether to buy a product, they look for photos and videos—including those taken by other consumers who have already purchased—to make more informed purchase decisions.

We know that product reviews have a huge impact on whether or not a consumer purchases a product. The presence of photos and videos within those reviews makes them even more powerful. 85% of shoppers indicate they’re more likely to buy a product that has reviews that also feature photos and videos.

Brands and retailers should make showcasing visual content a priority: both professional photos and videos, as well as visual content from customers. It’s well worth the effort.

4. Count on influencer marketing campaigns

75% of Millennials say a brand’s social media presence impacts their purchase decision. Social media is a key driver when it comes to growing loyalty and forming connections with consumers in this generation.

At the same time, Millennials are always looking for online approval, inspiration, and advice on purchases, including which brands to invest in. By finding the right type of influencers that align with your vision, you’ll be able to bring your brand’s values right in front of this loyal target audience. 

But how do you pick the types of influencers that fit your profile? Let alone set a timetable when each task should run its course and a budget that doesn’t exceed yours? Flaminjoy offers a variety of tools and features that include everything you need for effective social media influencer campaigns, from strategy to execution, synced. 

From researching and evaluating influencers and their audience, creating briefs, and streamlining communication, to monitoring and analyzing influencer-generated content and campaigns results, Flaminjoy lets you manage your social media influencer campaigns from A to Z.

By using Flaminjoy features, fashion retailer Collective was able to lay the foundation for an active and influential community. 

Their school of micro-influencers gathered a large group of creators loyal to the company, which boosted the quality of their influencer and User-Generated Content. 

They were then able to repurpose the content using Flaminjoy to increase their eCommerce conversion rates by 2.5x. More than 1300 UGC assets later, Collective had also had a 428% increase in Instagram followers.

5. Integrate UGC from Millennials into your strategy

Millennials believe in their individual power to drive change—and they’re more than willing to post about it. According to the Deloitte Global 2021 Millennial and Gen Z Survey, 34% of Millennials created social media content relating to an environmental, human rights, political or social issue last year. 

The impact of social proof for Millennials is also on the rise, as consumers funnel into larger, yet tightly knit spheres of influence with a consistent set of expectations and values when it comes to the things they buy. 

In turn, they expect businesses to resonate and do more to help bring about their vision of a better future. By aligning your brand values to theirs and repurposing their aggregated content, you can increase their trust and loyalty to your brand. 

Channel your energy toward meaningful action, like aligning content with their values and driving change on societal issues that matter most to them. Then, use Flaminjoy to aggregate and repurpose their UGC content into meaningful campaigns for your brand.

Supermarket chain Mega Image activated 30 eco-friendly health & lifestyle influencers to partake in their French Bull loyalty campaign. The brand tracked UGC and distributed it in ads using Flaminjoy, generating a reach of +240K accounts in under 5 days.

The campaign was so successful that it ended one month earlier than scheduled, due to all the products being sold out.

Flaminjoy helps you better communicate your brand message to Millennials

It’s time to get strategic and build a Millennial brand loyalty process that will continue to reap benefits in the long term

Flaminjoy enables you to bring meaningful context to your brand and products, cut the friction across the sales funnel, and push the engagement boundaries, by knowing Millennials’ interests. 

Use Flaminjoy to design a brand loyalty program that creates its own value. This integrated strategy can shorten the path from scrolling to buying and allow you to sell more, even faster.

Get closer to your Millennial customers using all-in-one visual marketing features

Flaminjoy’s Visual Commerce solution might be the right solution for you to build trust in your customer base using social proof. Save time, control, and innovate to increase sales.

Shoppable galleries that repurpose UGC let you interact with customers during their buying journeys. You can showcase cool product features or even educate them on the usability of your products through inspiring and relevant visual content.

Provide Millennials with relatable context for your products, so you can help them be inspired and connect faster with your inventory.

Create and measure influencer campaigns

With Flaminjoy, it’s easy to find and research the right influencers that Millennials actually engage with, and that will actually benefit your business. 

Analyze their content types and correlate them with your brand by matching their audience demographics with yours. Determine their availability based on recent campaigns. Send comprehensive briefs, with everything they need to get started. Offer paid rewards, vouchers for future purchases at a discounted price, or even product sampling. Then, wrap it up by analyzing influencer campaign results and planning for the next one.

Meet your customers across all touchpoints with omnichannel distribution

Your visual marketing efforts won’t go unnoticed. Reap the benefits by repurposing content to target Millennials across all your brand’s touchpoints.

Use Flaminjoy’s Omnichannel Marketing Solution to create a more relevant & meaningful shopping experience for your customers. Engage them with product pictures that speak their language on large screens placed in-store. Or, gather user-generated images using dedicated hashtags and display them live, during your event. 

Flaminjoy can be implemented anywhere from an in-store display to a large event interactive panel.

Fight short attention spans by generating creatives at scale

Keep Millennials on their toes by shaking up your content strategy. Use Flaminjoy’s Creative Automation Solution to mix and match UGC, brand assets, data feeds, and many other data sources to generate amazing creatives like ads, stories, or web widgets.

Create complex ad campaigns with highly engaging visuals for feeds and stories, with built-in analytics. You can generate hundreds of automated creatives in minutes!

Looking for more strategic insights on Millennials brand loyalty? Get in touch with our experts by booking a meeting and see what Flaminjoy can do for your business. 

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