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Flaminjoy and Thematic Channels launch the new innovative service: Social TV

Articles, Partnerships | January 10, 2024 | 3 min

Flaminjoy, together with Thematic Channels, launches the Social TV service, combining the huge impact of television with the dynamics of content generated by content creators.

After impressive successes with over 100 million impressions delivered in 2023 and collaborations with global brands such as Unilever, L’Oreal, BCR, Marks & Spencer, GSK, Nestle, Social TV represents the next evolution of marketing and services offered by Flaminjoy and Thematic Channels, bringing the power of content generated by influencers directly to TV screens.

In a world dominated by digital platforms, television remains unrivaled as a medium for delivering marketing messages. Television is still an important information channel alongside the digital environment, as a result of this hybrid product that gathers the benefits of both worlds: the massive reach of TV and the engagement and microtargeting specific to digital.

Catalin Sandulache, representative of Thematic Channels, declares:

“Television and digital media have become two fundamental pillars in the media landscape in Romania. Television remains a main source of information, entertainment and content for many Romanians. With varied programs, from news to entertainment shows and series, television continues to be a important part of people’s everyday life.

On the other hand, digital media has seen rapid and significant growth in recent years. The Internet and mobile devices have changed the way we consume media content. From news sites and streaming platforms to social networks and online video, the digital environment offers a diverse range of options for modern consumers.

The fusion between television and digital media is becoming more and more evident, with many shows and TV channels expanding their presence online through streaming platforms and on-demand content. Also, advertising has largely moved to the digital environment, where campaigns can be more targeted and interactive. Social TV opens a new opportunity for growth-focused brands.

The extended reach of television acquires a new value through the prism of authentic content created by influencers. Thus, the costs associated with the production of a TV spot are dramatically reduced, while the final result offers increased appeal and unique content.”

Unilever saw the opportunity and ran the first Social TV project, with the Delikat brand, where we jointly initiated the first campaign of this kind.

Unilever Nutrition representatives declare:

“This year, the Delikat brand assumed the role of bringing back to the attention of Romanians of all ages the products from the food base category, through new forms of communication in different media. Therefore, the premiere testing of the Social TV product came as a natural extension of the campaign carried out online by the brand and represented an opportunity to unify offline and online messages.

The communication of brands on TV is still a key pillar in the media mix in Romania, but we know that the new generations find inspiration for cooking at home in the recipes creatively thought out by content creators from social media.

We therefore considered it appropriate to bring to the attention of Romanians on the bigger screen – TV, the online trend of fast and delicious cooking – in the form of a fresh, dynamic spot, in which we show the versatility of Delikat products through content creators.”

The speed of reaction is another major advantage of the new service: Social TV spots are created from influencers’ content extremely quickly, giving brands the opportunity to quickly respond to trends in today’s dynamic media landscape and capitalize on real-time content opportunities.

The process of running Social TV campaigns is straightfoward:

  • Campaigns with influencers are carried out through the Flaminjoy platform,
  • Brands choose the most qualitative pieces of content and with the best engagement in social media
  • The content is then transformed into innovative video formats, which combine the power of the clients’ brands with the storytelling of the influencers
  • These result in TV spots that will captivate the audience, distributed by Thematic Channels.

To maximize the impact of the new Social TV service, targeting is a key factor. Thus, the target of each brand is transformed into a combination of recommended channels from the Thematic Channels portfolio, associated audiences and suitable time slots. This allows content to be adapted to the new environment to generate results that exceed expectations.

Alexander Stoica-Marcu, Flaminjoy’s cofounder:

“Our passion for digital marketing meets the creativity and impressive results of influencers. We are dedicated to offering brands the most engaging and qualitative promotion experiences through our services.

Distributing the content of influencers so far in most online media, it is natural for us to bring TV into the distribution mix of content generated by influencers.

We are here to open new doors in digital marketing and bring unique and memorable content to viewers. Together with Thematic Channels, we aim to redefine marketing in the digital age.”

About Thematic Channels

Thematic Channels is the exclusive representative in Romania of advertising sales for A+E Networks, AMC Networks International, ISG Media, Mega Max Media, NBC Universal, The Walt Disney Company, Orange, Paramount, Viasat World, Warner Bros. Discovery, and Tralala.

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