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Dove achieves a Click-through Rate of 7%, 13 times higher than the industry average

The Challenge

Bring awareness to a new product line, in an eye-catching eye.

The Solution

Use Social Display to dramatically increase views and CTR.

The Results

7% Click-through Rate and 9% Brand uplift.

1.5 Million users

In the Display campaign


Social interactions


Brand uplift


Click-through Rate

Dove is an American personal care brand owned by the British multinational consumer goods company Unilever, with products sold in more than 150 countries.

The Challenge

Bring awareness to a new product line, in an eye-catching eye.

The Solution

Social Display was chosen as the innovation for awareness and brand lift, featuring precise targeting and exclusive ad formats. Measurement was done both before the campaign (as a baseline) and at the end (to compare the impact achieved).

The first collaboration of this type meant Dove was a successful first candidate, beating the click-through rate of the industry by 13 times! These sort of results are only achieved when everything works hand in hand:

  • Inspired influencers
  • Great generated content
  • Innovative ad formats
  • Exceptional measurement system

Inspired influencers: Flaminjoy’s Creator Campaigns provides brands with expanded filtering options, that allow them to find the right influencers based on Location, Age, Gender and Niche.

Great generated content: Going further towards individual profiles, brands can look at past content quality, but also how it performed, to see who the best creators are.

Innovative ad formats: Social Display features new display formats for ads, that show up as the viewers scroll or allow for a Story-like tap to progress experience. This makes them not just exciting to look at, but very interactive, with a higher than average CTR.

Exceptional measurement system: The brand lift measurement is achieved through a simple survey that is being used with the same audience before and after being exposed to the campaign. The difference between the two results determines the uplift and the percentage.

By combining all of these in one system, brands are able to deploy complex campaigns in a matter of weeks, start to finish, instead of the usual months.

Results Summary

Dove was the first of many brands that decided to use the Social Display innovation. It combines inspirational UGC pieces with exclusive ad formats, with a measurement system that helps companies understand their results.

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