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L’Oréal gets 11x better CTR on ads spend by leveraging creators inside dynamic ad formats

The Challenge

Understand and improve the performance of content.

The Solution

Leverage Social Display for L’Oréal and provide 11x better CTR.

The Results

8.1% Brand Uplift.


Higher click-through rate than the industry average


Brand uplift


Innovative ad formats


Effort on the client

L’Oréal Professionnel is a division of L’Oréal Group, managing professional beauty products, offering a range of professional hair color, forme, styling and home haircare products.

The Challenge

We needed to understand and improve the performance of content. Ad fatigue and viewability fog were just some of the issues that L’Oréal encountered while working with publishers networks to spend their budgets. L’Oreal has using UGC in their online activity for a long time. The main objective is to create authentic content and trustworthy partnerships. L’Oréal had a very detailed profile of influencers that have interests in haircare, beauty products, online shopping, influencers with long hair and parisian vibe, sexy & confident.

The Solution

The plan came in the form of a Ringier+Flaminjoy innovation. Based on our partnership with the biggest publisher network in Europe, Ringier, we managed to leverage Social Display for L’Oréal and provide 11x better CTR. All activated influencers were searched by the brand’s description.

We activated 8 brand-fitting creators to launch a new product range – L’Oréal Metal Detox delivering high quality content & brand exposure in 60+ pieces of content. The content needed to show the “before and after” comparison and to fit in the brand colours black & white, minimalist & clean background.

The entire process was automated using Flaminjoy’s campaign feature. All the creators were enrolled in the complementary Amplifame app. They were briefed directly and had the possibility to check their progress in the campaign. As they posted content, they saw what else they needed to do – similar to a simple project management tool for creators.

Social Display means new ad formats, combined with specific targeting, UGC and a simple survey to measure brand uplift. Ad formats appear as the viewer scrolls or allow for Story-like tap interactivity. This provides much higher than average Click-through Rates and more engaged users.

Results Summary

L’Oréal is on the cutting edge of digital marketing strategies. They immediately understood the value of Social Display and saw results that exceeded expectations. They are now moving more and more of their campaigns through Flaminjoy’s Social Display.

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