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Irena Eris promotes Douglas.ro availability through inspiring creators

The Challenge

Enter the Romanian market using local influencers and local content.

The Solution

Work with a mix of mega-macro-micro influencers.

The Results

Total Reach of 580.000+ from 60 pieces of UGC








Images and videos from influencers

With its carefully selected ingredients, Dr. Irena Eris’s products are the perfect choice for women who want to take care of themselves and who appreciate quality and luxury. Dr. Irena Eris is a brand created by Irena Eris, a pharmacy doctor. For 38 years she has been successful in Poland and many other European countries, such as Spain, Italy, Denmark, Russia, Croatia and Hungary. The world created by this brand consists of cosmetics, personalized professional care by the Dr. Irena Eris Institutes of Skin Care and relaxation in 3 Spa Hotels 5 * luxury Dr. Irena Eris.

The Challenge

Enter the Romanian market using local influencers for awareness and relevant content creation for romanian audience.

The Solution

Work with a mix of mega-macro-micro influencers.

A new market entrance is always a challenge, no matter the resources you have at your disposal. At the end of the day, it’s not enough to simply push your own narrative, you have to earn people’s trust. This is why we came up with a plan to create brand awareness, while giving online communities a reason to believe the brand’s story.

Flaminjoy’s filter inside of Creator Campaigns allows us to easily find creators by Size, Niche and Age. This gave us a starting point featuring:

  • 15 micro influencers  – for the content creation
  • 3 macro influencers – trust & awareness
  • 1 mega influencer – trust & awareness
  • 4 professionals – from the wellbeing niche

We looked at each influencer’s platform profile for their follower growth and overall content quality. We could see the types of posts that worked best for each one and how often they created content.

The campaign featured 4 separate groups, each with their own specific Brief. This was important, because they had different tasks to perform. By working together with these influencers we were able to create an overall feeling of “Everyone’s talking about this brand. Maybe I should check it out.” No matter who you were following and what niche you were in (beauty or wellbeing), you had a good chance of seeing the content generated by creators.

Results Summary

Irena Eris aligned her brand’s values with influencers’ aesthetic to create truly gorgeous content. It was then repurposed as social media content and proved to be successful once again, for the brand’s Romanian market entrance.

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