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SABON gathers UGC and Ambassador content to enhance the online experience

The Challenge

Increase awareness and sales around SABON - online and offline.

The Solution

Run campaigns with micro-influencers, to generate high-quality content around specific campaign launches.

The Results

2.000% Instagram Page Engagement increase


Reach across 12 months


Instagram Page Engagement increase




Influencers per year

In 1997, 2 childhood friends opened a small soap shop, using a 70 year old native Australian recipe. From these fresh, handmade soaps, the brand expanded to body and home care, offering a wide range of products in delightful textures and fragrances. 20 years later, SABON is operated in 180 locations worldwide.

The Challenge

Increase awareness and sales around SABON through specific online and offline activations.

The Solution

Launch campaigns with micro-influencers, to generate high-quality content around specific products. We knew we wanted to provide great results, so we relied on the Creator Campaigns feature to analyze each proposed influencer, to make sure their profiles fit the SABON brand. And not only that, but also that their past performance made them great candidates for these campaigns.

The brand trusted us from the beginning and across half a year we worked with 20+ influencers / month. One challenge was finding specific influencers to physically come in the store to received packages and use it as a background for their content. Thankfully, Flaminjoy influencers add their detailed location, so it’s easy to select the influencers you need.

SABON has specific guidelines for their collaborations and the way the content should portray their products and stores. All this information was mentioned within the campaign Brief, which includes a DOs and DONTs section, that helps make creators’ lives much easier. They do have the freedom to create the content, but understand what they need to do in order to fit within the details of the brand and the campaign.

Analytics were a key part of the campaigns, data being gathered as soon as the first piece of UGC was posted on social. The end of each campaign meant a detailed report was automatically generated, with data about the best performing influencers, best pieces of content and associated stats. This can be downloaded from the platform in a .PDF format.

Results Summary

As the brand saw the results of the ongoing campaigns, we opened up The Czech Republic, while in talks for other countries to provide similar campaigns. SABON understood that patience pays off in dividends, having large amounts of content that was reused in social-media.

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