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Loncolor achieves a 9% brand lift through the Social Display innovation

The Challenge

Bring awareness to the brand through new, unseen methods and mediums.

The Solution

Deploy Social Display based on micro-influencer UGC.

The Results

8,6X Click-through rate increase.

1 Million

People reached




Click-through rate increase


Brand uplift

Papillon Laboratoires Cosmetiques is the leading Romanian hair dye company, with 29 years of experience in the field, being a joint venture in Romania. The best known and most loved of the brands marketed is LONCOLOR, the number 1 Romanian brand in the hair dye category according to Nielsen retail audit, March-April 2022.

The Challenge

Bring awareness to the brand through new, unseen methods and mediums.

The Solution

Deploy Social Display, the Flaminjoy+Ringier innovation meant vor visionary brands. In total, 10 micro-influencers have been recruited to generate specific content, that was then repurpsed inside of innovative display ads.

There are 3 steps that are taken to achieve the results:

  • Influencer Selection
  • Banner Building and Deployment
  • Survey Deployment x2 (Before and After the campaign)

Influencer Selection: The Creator Campaigns feature allows brands to filter through the Flaminjoy database and find the perfect creator. This includes Location, Age, Gender and Niche. If needed, brands can dig even deeper by looking at data for the influencer’s followers.

Because each company has specific needs and desires when it comes to the people they’ll be collaborating with, it’s important to do another round of checks. Each influencer inside of Flaminjoy has a dedicated profile, with helpful information like Follower Growth, profile quality, content quality. Individual verification provides a surefire way of tapping into the right source of content for the campaign.

Banner Building and Deployment: Ringier as the publishing network has built custom interactive banner formats. Some appear when you scroll, while others show a Story-like interface, allowing the viewer to tap/click through multiple pieces of UGC. The content from influencers is inserted in these banners.

Audience selection is another key part of the campaign. Specific audiences are used on the Ringier side, mixed with the follower data from the influencers. This provides a very personalized targeting option, that delivers the right ads to the right people at the right time.

Survey Deployment: To be able to measure a brand lift, 2 surveys are used, targeting the same audience. The first one gauges the overall knowledge of the brand and the viewers’ willingness to interact with it (browse, shop, etc.). The second one asks the same questions, but this time after the audience has been exposed to the banners. That way, a difference can be measured, which is called a Brand Lift.

The Social Display innovation meant new exclusive formats, specific targeting and brand lift measurement.

The Results Summary

The results surpassed expectations, proving once again that strong collaborations will always yield win-win situations. Loncolor is now using UGC on an ongoing basis, increasing their trust and brand awareness among specific online communities.

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