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Lux Botanicals obtains a 5% Brand Lift increase using Social Display

The Challenge

Raise awareness of the launch of the new LUX Botanicals range.

The Solution

Extend UGC Reach using the Social Display innovation.

The Results Summary

5% Brand Lift

2.9 Million





Click-through rate increase


Brand Uplift

In a fast-paced world that increasingly values the status quo over individuality and self-expression, especially when it comes to women and beauty, LUX is a global brand that has been redefining beauty and self-expression since 1925.

The Challenge

Raise awareness of the launch of the new LUX Botanicals range, as a brand that elevates daily routine using the power of nature.

The Solution

Lux Botanicals had worked with influencers before, but was looking to expand the UGC Reach even further. The Social Display innovation solves this challenge: guaranteed Reach with associated Brand Lift study.

The first step is the campaign brief. This is the foundation for the entire campaign. Brands take about 1 hour to fill this in. It features information such as:

  • The goal of the campaign
  • The promoted products/services
  • The desired influencer niche(s)
  • Key elements influencers should be aware of when creating content
  • Campaign timeline (start+end date)
  • Brand guidelines (colors, logos, fonts, etc.)

The key elements for this campaign involved: capturing the sensory character of the products; to highlight the mood of relaxation, pampering, freshness, refreshment with the use of the products. Also adding details of product attributes (94% natural ingredients; natural oils, exotic flower fragrance) + product benefits (leaves the skin velvety soft, with a long-lasting pleasant fragrance).

The second step is finding and filtering the right influencers. This is a collaborative effort, where we source a good base of influencer and the brand chooses the one that seem the most appropriate, based on Engagement Rate, Follower Count and a few other details such as Content Quality and overall feed aesthetic.

Step number three is gathering the User Generated Content and repurposing it in innovative display formats. Since all the influencers in the Flaminjoy platform are fully connected using Facebook and Instagram, this gives us access to the most up-to-date information. On top of this, content is gathered automatically with associated stats.

The repurposing step involves brands choosing their favorite pieces of content from influencers. These are transformed automatically into multiple formats, for use in the Ringier publisher network.

The final step is reporting. This is done automatically, both on the Flaminjoy side and on the Ringier publisher part. After the campaign runs for the targeted audience, a combined performance and Brand Lift report is generated.

The performance report shows Impressions, Interactions and Clickthrough Rate, as totals and averages for all display banners, across all formats and publications.

Brand Lift is a vital part of Social Display. It shifts the conversation away from clicks and toward the more profound marketing values of brand lift and enhanced intent to act or buy. The audience is surveyed using 1 question before and after being exposed to the campaign. It’s a premium report on the Brand Lift effect across 4 metrics:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Preference
  • Action intent

The Results Summary

The Brand Lift achieved was 5%, combined with a CTR of 4.48%, which is 11 times higher than the standard display industry average! 2.9 Million Impressions were guaranteed before the campaign started and delivered to specific audiences.

LUX saw firsthand the power of joining UGC and innovative display formats, with results that proved its efficiency across the marketing funnel.

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