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L'Oreal Elseve achieves a staggering 14.6% Brand Lift using Social Display

The Challenge

Educate and bring awareness to a new product line

The Solution

Deploy Social Display using influencer content

The Results

14.6% Brand Lift

1 Million





Click-through rate increase


Brand Uplift

L’Oréal Professionnel is a division of L’Oréal Group, managing professional beauty products, offering a range of professional hair color, forme, styling and home haircare products.

The Challenge

The new product line brought a series of challenges. First – differentiate between hydration and moisture. Second – find the right influencers to educate, but also provide awareness for the new products.

The Solution

The plan had the basis in the Ringier+Flaminjoy innovation. Working with the most significant publisher network in Europe, Ringier, we leveraged Social Display for L’Oréal and provided 7x better CTR (compared to the standard publisher results).

We activated 3 brand-fitting creators to launch the new product range – L’Oréal Elseve Hyaluron Pump, delivering education and exposure in 10+ pieces of content. The content was colorful and attractive, with a focus on new information.

Social Display is a combination of ad formats, influencer content and pre- + post-click measurement. This allows us to effectively deliver great content at scale, while measuring results of the campaign.

The Results Summary

The Elseve Hyaluron Plump launch in Social Display meant over 1 Million impressions and an unprecedented 14.6% Brand Lift increase. It’s a clear signal of the power of combining influencer content in new ad formats, using highly targeted audiences. More campaigns are planned for future launches.

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