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Year-Round Influence: Pro Beauty Recurrent Engagement with Influencers

The Challenge

Boost the brand's visibility and social engagement.

The Solution

Create a relatable brand experience through constant and specific influencer collaborations.

The Results Summary

Over 1 Million Organic Reach and more than 180.000 Organic Engagements across 12 campaigns.


Organic Reach


Social Interactions


User Generated Content Pieces



With over 12 years of industry experience, ProBeauty stands out as a major importer and distributor of professional cosmetics in Romania. They enhance accessibility to beauty solutions by curating niche brands across various categories. With a portfolio boasting 100+ internationally renowned brands, Probeauty has made a mark as a leading importer and distributor of professional cosmetics in Romania. Collaborating with names such as Nook, Olaplex, Sensus, Schwarzkopf, TIGI, and Wella Professional, they bring top-tier beauty products to over 16 offline stores across Romania.

The Challenge

In response to a competitive beauty market, Probeauty embarked on influencer collaborations using Flaminjoy to boost brand visibility and engagement. The goal was to connect their premium products with a broader audience, creating a relatable and personalized brand experience. By partnering with influencers, ProBeauty aimed to enhance brand recognition and establish a more impactful presence in the beauty industry. Through 12 campaigns with 187 unique creators, they effectively utilized influencer content across various platforms, achieving remarkable reach and resonating with diverse audiences, ultimately solidifying ProBeauty’s position as a key player in beauty retail.

The Solution

The Flaminjoy platform features:

  • Influencer marketing collaborations
  • Visual commerce
  • Offline influencer activation (localized events)

Probeauty effectively addressed their marketing challenges through the innovative use of Flaminjoy. Running 12 influencer campaigns throughout 2023, with one campaign conducted each month, ProBeauty adopted a user-friendly approach by creating public campaigns that allowed any interested influencer to apply.

By carefully selecting suitable candidates from these applications, ProBeauty maximized the impact of their collaborations. Furthermore, the brand strategically engaged in offline activations, such as beauty expos, where selected influencers actively participated.
To enhance user experience and drive conversion rates, ProBeauty seamlessly integrated user-generated content (UGC) into their website as shoppable galleries through the Flaminjoy platform. These initiatives collectively bolstered brand visibility, increased audience engagement, and solidified ProBeauty’s competitive edge in the dynamic beauty industry landscape.

In addition to their influencer campaigns, ProBeauty leveraged influencers as authentic product reviewers on their website. By incorporating influencer reviews directly on the site, Probeauty enhanced credibility and trust among consumers, providing valuable insights and testimonials that further reinforced the quality and appeal of their products. This integration of influencer reviews not only enriched the user experience but also established a transparent and trustworthy platform for potential customers to make informed purchasing decisions.

In over a year of constant campaign activation ProBeauty managed to:

  • Activate 12 campaigns, with an average 3 weeks/each
  • Activate 180+ unique influencers
  • Generate more than 1000+ pieces of content

The content was made out of:

  • 200+ reels
  • 700+ stories
  • 140+ static posts

The total results meant:

  • 1M+ organic reach on Instagram
  • Over 180.000+ total engagements

The Results Summary

Over a year of campaign activations, Pro Beauty Group engaged 180+ unique influencers, creating 1000+ content pieces, achieving 1M+ organic reach on Instagram, and generating 180,000+ total engagements.

Services used:

  • Instagram campaign management
  • Visual Commerce

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