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Nutritious Bliss: Unveiling SLooP's Vibrant Campaign Success

The Challenge

Increase awareness and establish a strong brand presence.

The Solution

Enhance brand recognition through highly attractive product content, created by micro influencers.

The Results Summary

Over 200K Organic Reach and 140+K Engagements.


Organic Reach


Social Interactions


User Generated Content Pieces



SLooP brings together goodness and vitality in its natural and wholesome products, promoting a healthier and more vibrant lifestyle. Emphasizing transparency and simplicity, the brand aims to nourish both body and soul.

The Challenge

The challenges that SLooP encountered included low brand visibility and awareness within a competitive market landscape. Struggling to stand out amidst rivals, the brand faced difficulties in capturing the attention of their target demographic and establishing a strong presence. These hurdles necessitated the development of influencer campaigns as a strategic tool to combat these obstacles, seeking to enhance brand recognition, introduce and promote their product offerings, and forge meaningful connections with consumers through innovative and engaging storytelling.

The Solution

The Flaminjoy platform facilitated:

  • Influencer marketing collaborations
  • Localised influencer selection
  • Content approval feature

In response to the challenges faced by SLooP in building brand recognition and engaging their target audience, our influencer tool provided a comprehensive solution tailored to their specific needs. By leveraging influencer marketing, SLooP successfully activated a series of engaging campaigns to address key objectives and enhance brand visibility.

Campaign 1: Rise & Shine Breakfast Routine:
Utilized influencer collaborations to promote the Rise & Shine smoothie.
Engaged 9 creators who generated 30 posts showcasing the product’s benefits and appeal for breakfast routines.

Campaign 2: SLooP on the go on A2:
Leveraged influencers to showcase SLooP products during travel experiences.
Collaborated with 6 creators who created 21 posts, highlighting the brand’s products in travel settings.

Campaign 3: SLooP in vacay:
Increased product awareness during vacations through influencer partnerships.
Engaged 6 creators to create 13 posts featuring SLooP products in vacation settings to reach a wider audience.

Campaign 4: SLooP Pink Yourself:
Highlighted the energy and optimism of the pink smoothie through influencer endorsements.
Collaborated with 9 creators to produce 40 posts emphasizing the positive attributes of the product.

Campaign 5: The Game-Changing Snack!:
Created a Hunger Games-themed campaign to raise awareness with influencer support.
Partnered with 10 creators who shared 31 posts, incorporating the brand’s snacks in a creative and engaging manner.

Campaign 6: My Usual by SLooP:
Promoted the My Usual package and encouraged integration into daily routines through ongoing influencer collaborations.

By harnessing the power of influencer partnerships and our tool’s capabilities, SLooP effectively executed these campaigns, leading to increased brand recognition, product promotion, and meaningful consumer engagement across various lifestyle contexts.

The Results Summary

SLooP’s influencer campaigns drove notable engagement and reach, involving a total of 40 influencers across 6 campaigns. These initiatives yielded an organic reach exceeding 200k and garnered over 140k total engagements on various social media platforms.

Services utilized:

  • Instagram campaign management
  • Content approval feature

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