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Parasoftin (from Zdrovit) uses Social Display to achieve 16.6% Brand Uplift

The Challenge

Increase Awareness and Consideration for the Parasoftin products.

The Solution

Work with micro-influencers and distribute content usning the Social Display innovation.

The Results

There was a significant Brand Lift increase, of 16.6%.

1 Million





Click-through rate increase


Brand uplift

Zdrovit has been participating in the development of the Polish pharmaceutical market for over twenty-five years, with a focus on innovation and products of the highest level of quality.

The Challenge

Place Parasoftin as a solution to give a feeling of comfort to soles and heels, as well as to moisturize the skin of the feet.

The Solution

Social Display is a Flaminjoy+Ringier innovation, that combines attractive User Generated Content from influencers with specific targeting in the publisher network. UGC is repurposed in new ad formats, with Brand Lift measurement done before and after the campaign.

Working with 8 micro-influencers, we’ve generated over 35 pieces of content, gathering over 2.500 interactions on their posts and stories.

Influencers told a great story and put the products in context. These lifestyle shots not only provided attention to them, but also made people aware of a different product category from what they’ve been accustomed to. The story started the connection between followers and the brand, increasing its perception in the long run.

The Results Summary

There was a significant Brand Lift increase (16.6%), which was exactly what the brand was looking to achieve: Awareness and Consideration for a newer product.

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