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Beauty Industry Case Study: Top Line

Case Studies | January 4, 2023 | 4 min

Supplying beauty salons since 1998 with professional equipment and furniture, Top Line is a noteworthy example of how a beauty company has acted to endure the test of time. While the industry is getting overcrowded with local and international competition, there’s also the issue of adapting to the expectations of their clientele.

This is why Top Line decided that their core business needed to fuse with solutions stemmed from the latest Martech innovations. With Flaminjoy by their side, Top Line succeeded in revamping their online store without losing sight of their years-long identity.

First, Top Line searched to reinforce its strengths. With high standards, an ample product portfolio, and an active presence through various national programs, the brand drew closer to an audience with a clear affinity for visual experiences.

In time, Top Line realized how important it is for companies to engage in a conversation with a public that communicates in pictures. If anything, it’s customized recommendations and unconventional product presentations that grasp the attention of the social media generation.

top line industry banner for productlead

Top Line challenges – Product discovery

First and foremost, our Top Line case study takes us on a fast track to significantly improved product discovery. The company was looking into upgrading an already established online store. Their professionally curated list of first-class brands and luxurious products was starting to dwindle under its own weight. Therefore, the challenge was to turn an inventory of 12,000+ beauty products into an interactive system of recommendations. It was also crucial to be easy to navigate.

On the one hand, the company was in need of straightforward and compelling customer journeys to encourage fluid product discovery. On the other hand, the eCommerce platform needed to hold fast to an overwhelmingly extensive product portfolio which is also one of its core business pillars.


The challenge lost its grip the moment Top Line gave clients a voice. By implementing shoppable galleries into category pages, Top Line started collecting user-generated content automatically under interactive and visual stores.

With the implementation of themed shoppable galleries in a matter of days, the Top Line eCommerce website took a sudden turn for the better. From disruptive, the index of 12,000+ products turned into fuel for a neverending list of inspirational recommendations.

Top Line clients who have purchased and tested a variety of cosmetics and devices became brand ambassadors through their social media content. In their turn, new visitors are enjoying happy and candid faces of people who recommend a certain combination of products in each photo.


By activating Flaminjoy’s Visual Content, Top Line got access to a robust source of inspirational and authentic images of their products. The company saved time and money by skipping content production altogether. Instead, they’ve leveraged social media content that their community is creating by itself.

After weeks of running shoppable galleries, Top Line registered an increased activity within their category pages as well as a sales boost. These improvements indicate that consumers trust and enjoy UGC.

top line results from working with productlead

Top Line challenges – Entertainment

Top Line wanted to offer their site visitors not just any shopping experience, but an entertaining one. At the checkout, consumers want to feel like they’ve made choices that bring them joy. So why not enhancing this feel-good sensation proactively to encourage new customers for a swift return?

This is why the necessity for an entertaining feature arose. Top Line searched for fresh features that can sway users to enjoy their time on site and lose themselves in the moment. What happened next closed the gap between inspired shopping research and a desire for having fun.


With the assistance of Flaminjoy, Top Line embedded a playful feature called “Shop your mood.” By switching a colorful and interactive wheel in any position, users are presented with a selection of products. What’s special about each collection is that featured products can instill the desired frame of mind.

Whether they want to resurface their inner diva, turn on their sensual side or enjoy a SPA session at home, Top Line visitors need only to go for the recommended cosmetics. Users can now order products simply because they can summon good vibes instantly.

At any moment, embedded pins are ready to cast users from the “Shop your mood” wheel to product pages with one click. These pins alone are turning the entertaining feature into a standalone customer journey tilting the balance for an increased conversion rate.


showcase of top line shop by mood feature implemented by productlead

By switching on entertaining features on their official website, Top Line adds value to all shopping sessions. Consequently, the company scored better conversion rates while visitors lingered across Top Line product pages longer than usual.

Top Line challenges – Offline-online synergy

A strong push on a spectacular online presence is rendered powerless in the real world. Usually, brick-and-mortar visitors are deprived of all the experiences brands have prepared them across eCommerce.

Top Line refused to take the offline-online divorce for granted. Instead, the beauty company looked into natural means to bring the two mediums together. The solution appeared to be as simple as it is now for Top Line stores to immerse visitors into a digital world of authentic beauty.


Top Line discovered that store customers can be naturally introduced to their digital content through Omnichannel communication. In-store displays warped those carefully curated collections of user-generated content directly into the offline.

This way, Top Line retail stores started acting as hands-down product presentations and sources of inspiration at the same time. Through the Flaminjoy API integration, the most engaging photos from real Top Line customers are unfolding under curious eyes familiar to social media visuals.


female hand choosing makeup products on a tablet from an ecommerce site

From the Top Line side, expenses were cut to a minimum thanks to an automatic customer journey with zero need for technical assistance. In the meantime, store visitors are enjoying more opportunities to interact with the brand and watch its impact on the virtual beauty community.

Therefore, there was no surprise in perceiving an increased buzz in social listening which translated in greater brand awareness. Overall, Top Line streamlined an immersive in-store customer experience with a minimum of effort involved.

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