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Here’s How a Well-established International Fashion Brand Used UGC from 15 Countries to Generate 200K+ Monthly Clicks with Flaminjoy

Case Studies | January 4, 2023 | < 1 min

Here’s a brief introduction to how Flaminjoy managed to help Eyerim get over 200K clicks per month on their shoppable galleries embedded into their website.

Download the full case study to see what are the steps we take to make sure your business has the same great results.

✅ Background

Eyerim is the online optician of Central & Southwest Europe, balancing its well-established e-retailer & high-growth D2C business models.
This client hadn’t done any integrated marketing campaigns before. They simply grew organically over the years. Their entire eCommerce platform was based on standard studio photos of their products.

✅ Overview

We explored Eyerim’s 15 markets, including their customer profiles, targets and growth potential, along with each country’s resources.

✅ Action plan

After several hours of research, we aligned on the main idea of what Eyerim’s strategy should look like.

It was now obvious that by automating the UGC process, the brand’s visibility would dramatically increase.

✅ Recruiting the influencers

Clients that are well-established in different markets are a fine example of how working without borders will maximize your resources. In this case, 15 markets joined forces and brought together over 50 influencers, all selected to fit perfectly in the story.

influencer marketing fashion

✅ Onboarding Eyerim on Flaminjoy

If we were to count the clicks, it took us only 10 to fully onboard our client. Aligning from the beginning helped this collaboration run smoothly.

✅ Content strategy

We have worked continuously with micro and macro influencers to fuel UGC.

Eyerim leveraged this creative content using Flaminjoy, to enhance social media engagement & enrich the website content.

✅ Measurement and reporting

Download this case study and see the detailed reporting on this collaboration.

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