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Case Study: Festival Instagram Filters

Case Studies | November 29, 2022 | 4 min

Reality holds nothing new. But things are quite the opposite with your Instagram camera. Thanks to augmented reality, thousands of worlds lay dormant within any smartphone. 

With today’s technology, anything is possible. Become a member of a closed group by wearing their staple mask with an Instagram face filter. Warm up for the music festival of your life in front of the concert stage, surrounded by flying sailing ships in bright hues of yellow, pink, red, orange, and blue while, in reality, you’re still in your old bedroom. Drive massive brand awareness in exchange for a unique experience: a branded, one-of-a-kind Instagram filter.

This article will focus on one particular Instagram filter case study: The Three NeverSea Instagram Filters. Discover how Flaminjoy helped electrify the 2019 NeverSea crowds prior and during the summer music festival and how the NeverSea Instagram profile turbocharged in the space of 7 days!


NeverSea Festival is the biggest summer music festival a Romanian beach has ever seen. In a short span of just two years starting in 2017, the event managed to create its own island of entertainment in the center of an already crowded market. 

The NeverSea team partnered up with Flaminjoy for a unique project: a nationwide Instagram campaign with three branded AR filters. Part of the Visual Commerce suite, these unique assets were meant to upload the festival vibes on social media at scale. 

productlead quote on neversea instagram filters

The main objective had nothing to do with sales. At the time of the AR filter launch, festival tickets were already sold out to over 230,000 participants.

Instead, the event wished to secure its massive influence in the music festival industry. Therefore, they used the latest social media technology to take their supremacy on social media and make their mark online with AR filters. 

By working with Flaminjoy, NeverSea successfully launched its own arsenal of interactive Instagram filters. By the end of the festival, these assets enriched the entire experience and increased brand awareness naturally. 

Three NeverSea Face Filters – Three Unique Stories

Each Instagram AR filter had to incorporate NeverSea symbols and deliver a meaningful experience at the same time. It had to be fun, entertaining, give off festival vibes, and create a lot of buzz online.

Music Festival Lineup

collage of 2 smartphone mockups showcasing neversea ar artist lineup ar filter

The first Instagram face filter brings forward the main attraction of the NeverSea festival: the artists everybody has been waiting for to hear live on stage. 

All the anticipated names are displayed in neon colors in the background. To complete the picture, Flaminjoy designers wove in the NeverSea logo and other vibrant graphics that burst with life and good energy.

What makes this design particularly enthralling is that it is extremely dynamic. The lineup unrolls upwards at a rapid speed as a show of colors. As a result, Stories had it easier to draw attention and become memorable.

Festival Makeup

collage of 3 smartphone mockups showcasing neversea ar makeup filter

Music lovers spend a lot of time on their festival look. With the NeverSea Festival Makeup Instagram filter, the entire process got reduced to one second.

However, this particular asset is unique in the NeverSea toolkit. The AR filter comes with three variations of festival makeup. In other words, users have the option to choose which look to adopt in their Stories.

The Festival Makeup Filter adapts beautifully to users’ faces as if the tattoos and designs are hand-painted. Such fine touches added value to the NeverSea experience and increased the excitement.

NeverSea Glasses

collage of 3 smartphone mockups showcasing neversea ar glasses filter

First of all, all three Instagram filters became live the week before the actual event. This way, NeverSea participants got the chance to experience the NeverSea atmosphere beforehand. 

The NeverSea Glasses filter geared up users with their own pair of sunglasses. What’s special about them is that the lenses reflect a spectacular stage moment. As a result, it was like users were already in front of the stage, waiting for artists, while a light show was giving them shivers. 

NeverSea Filters and How They Made Waves

All NeverSea filters were up and ready a few days before the actual event. As soon as they went live, the Instagram community was extremely responsive.

Nonetheless, what truly sparked an impressive ascent was a hint of influence. Local influencers and celebrities started making Stories wearing the brand new filters. Naturally, their fans followed suit. Soon, Instagram started pouring with NeverSea Stories prior to and during the festival itself.

In the end, the three face filters acted not only as festival activations but also as digital assets. Consumers created tons of content, sharing their excitement and happiness with their friends. In its turn, the 4-day music festival ended up building awareness and social media engagement.

The After Party – Statistics

For the following lines, we’ll let numbers do the talking. Together, all three Instagram filters generated:

  • 1,777,024 Impressions;
  • 9,773 Captures;

In other words, the filters reached the devices of over one million Instagram users. Moreover, thousands of people had fun taking photos or making videos in the NeverSea way, and more than 2,000 account owners shared the results with their community. 

Since Facebook has granted everybody access to its Spark AR Studio, we have to prepare for a massive wave of filters. The company believes that all users and brands can recreate their own story with filters and share them with the world.

To better assist Flaminjoy members, Big Data Insights & Analytics plans to adapt to all the latest trends in the near future. Therefore, the platform is going to receive major extensions where it tracks and analyses Instagram filters as well. This way, companies will be in the know as to the performance of their branded filters and will be able to improve them and maximize their impact.

Instagram Filters – The New Marketing Tool

productlead list of instagram festival filters stats

All in all, NeverSea used Flaminjoy Visual Commerce to raise awareness and engage with consumers on social media at a new level. This is just one example of how an event or company can leverage the latest technology and cement its identity into the online social conscience. 

The moral of our case study is that brands have much to gain by opening as many lines of communication with their target audience as possible. Create Instagram AR filters using branded concepts and watch how the community welcomes creativity!

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