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After Eight boost its brand awareness with 49K impressions in 3 days

The Challenge

Increase visibility and revitalize After Eight.

The Solution

Collaborate with influencers and deploy Social Display to boost results.

The Results Summary

64K Reach generated from 20 influencers






User Generated Content Pieces



After Eight is a delicious combination of dark chocolate and mint melting cream, making it the perfect choice for special moments with loved ones. Since 1962, After Eight has distinguished itself in the market with its thin, individually wrapped pralines that are surprisingly refined and velvety.

The Challenge

Increase online visibility and revitalize the After Eight brand, together with its newly launched products. Bring to life the consumption occasions among the target audience: modern, sociable and trendy.

The Solution

Most people already know about After Eight’s base offering and why is special – the unique combination of mint and dark chocolate arrouses the senses and it’s a refreshing pause in a busy day.

Now influencers were tasked with presenting the mixes from After Eight (mint and dark chocolate; mint, orange and dark chocolate; mint, strawberry and dark chocolate) in a creative and attractive manner, while keeping a glam, modern surrounding for the materials.

20 influencers were chosen from multiple niches, using the Flaminjoy platform. It provides easy selection of content creators, based on:
– Size
– Location
– Niche
– Content Performance

Their creativity showed they understood the brief and genuinely connected with the brand and its products. Influencers created standard posts, stories, but also Reels, an exciting video format that’s being boosted in the Instagram algorithm.

They followed the detailed brief and created content that excited people’s attention and arroused their interest. Combining fruits, nature and plenty of sunlight in modern environments turned a delightful product into an experience for the senses.

The highlights of the entire campaign were the Reels, video slices of life featuring the products as an activator for new experiences and a reason to spend more time in nature. With video being consumed more and more, in lieu of standard posts, it’s not surprise they had has a large impact on the target audience.

The Results Summary

A Reach of over 64K was generated from these User Generated Content pieces, with an average of 281 likes and 26 comments per post.
The Influencers’ followers didn’t take long to post reactions such as “Love the classic mint flavor”, “Will have to try the straberry one” and “Now I crave each flavor!”.

Combine basic likes with the comments of followers and you get a large scale results, using micro-influencers, activated within a few days. It’s the power of the all-in-one Flaminjoy platform.

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