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Alpin turns to micro-influencers for spectacular Instagram growth

The Challenge

Switch attention from modern trade to eCommerce.

The Solution

Make their ice-cream instagramable and tik-tok-able with micro-influencers.

The Results

20.000% Increase in IG followers in under a month.


Increase in IG followers in under a month


Influencer Reach


UGC generated


Micro influencers enrolled

Alpin57Lux is one of the largest ice-cream producers of Romania, with over 25 years of history. They are market leaders on key segments of the category.

The Challenge

Switch attention from modern trade to eCommerce. This was combined with a refresh of a few of their product packages, which meant discovering new generations to enjoy the taste of Alpin.

The Solution

Make the ice-cream instagramable and tik-tok-able with micro-influencers.

In the first phase we sourced 30 influencers in order to promote Alpin’s new e-commerce experience. To increase the Instagram community, we ran a huge giveaway with “ice-cream for the entire summer”, as a prize. Each influencer mentioned the giveaway in their branded posts description. This meant a huge increase in Instagram followers (over 20.000%) in the span of under a month.

The second phase meant taking influencer content and repurposing it using the Creative Studio. Social and ad content, combined with original TikTok content, proved to be the winning combination. Just using 12 TikTok videos we achieved 1.6M views, 217k likes, 7.392 shares and 1.391 comments. This was the brand’s first introduction to TikTok and a time in Romania when the platform was fairly new. It goes to show that being first pays off.

Eager fans were interested in a brand they were discovering for the first time, with other influencers looking to join the campaign. The influencer-only app, Amplifame, is the place where creators connect their Facebook+Instagram accounts. Once they do this, all the data flows freely through the official APIs. This ensure that data is accurate and transmitted to Flaminjoy without delays. Therefore, any brand can trust the validity of the information for the content and for the influencer profiles.

Results Summary

Revitalizing a wellknown brand is always a challenging task. Alpin used Flaminjoy’s product features and the team’s knownow to craft a winning social media campaign that provided both online and offline results. And opened the door for many more similar campaigns, with UGC at their core.

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