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Chio Chips uses 5 waves of micro-influencers to grow offline sales

The Challenge

Align the brand with the idea of travel, using online methods to drive sales of the products in retail/offline.

The Solution

Activate micro-influencers in waves, at different times and track sales using specific codes.

The Results

116 micro-influencers enrolled, driving 1.700+ products in sales.




Total generated likes


Products sold


Micro-influencers enrolled

Intersnack (the company behind Chio Chips) has become one of Europe’s leading savory snacks producers by creating ‘happy snacking moments’ in people’s lives. Successful and growing, our turnover in 2020 was almost €3bn. Being privately owned, we can operate our business with a long-term view and commit ourselves to a more sustainable world.

The Challenge

During this campaign what was needed was aligning the brand with the idea of travel, using online methods to drive sales of the products in retail/offline.

The Solution

We drafted a plan that involved activating micro-influencers in waves, at different times. We’ve launched the influencers with 5 consecutive waves. Each wave last for 1 month and each influencer received a unique tracking code they could pass on to their followers. Each purchase, together with the special code, meant that the brand could track the effectiveness of content and influencers.

Choosing the right influencers was key to the brand and the success of the campaign. Therefore, we ran searches within the Flaminjoy platform. It makes it easy to find them via:

  • Location
  • Age
  • Follower age
  • Follower location
  • Niche/interests

Once we ran specific searches, we used their individual profiles to look at:

  • Follower growth
  • Past content quality
  • Overall profile quality

This helped us organize the influencers into groups, within the same campaign. This way, we could have a sense at how specific creators performed, but also the overall result of the campaign. Data was then exported as .PDF reports for the brand.

The community who participated in the National Campaign Platform, but also entered the influencer code, received extra prizes. This provided them with extra incentives to find these codes and interact with UGC.

Results Summary

As a result of the campaign and the unique influencer codes, over 1.700 people bought at least one product and registered online through this mechanism. This provided Intersnack with an updated blueprint on how to increase the reach and effectiveness of National Campaign Platforms with minimal effort.

Flaminjoy made my life easier. I coordinated a team of digital influencers who needed a tool for measuring their performance on Instagram. This tool helped us better understand our campaign's impact on social media and to have access to in-depth data about UGC and our accounts.

Access to in-depth data about UGC and accounts

Anamaria Semiciuc, Community Manager, Philip Morris Romania

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