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Verdino activates micro-influencers to create the conversation around meat alternatives

The Challenge

Increase the share of voice of meat alternatives products among a predominantly traditional population.

The Solution

Use micro-influencers and activate their communities to talk about meat alternatives.

The Results

3M+ Impressions.






Return On Ad Spend


UGC created

Verdino, part of Prefera Food Group, is a leader in CEE in the meat alternative with innovative and tasty plant-based food, with pea-proteins.

The Challenge

The brand was looking to increase the share of voice of meat alternatives products among a predominantly traditional population.

The Solution

Use micro-influencers as a way to create attractive content was part of the plan, as well as activate their communities to talk about meat alternatives. Some had already started “Meatless Mondays” and now had even more reasons to stick to the plan.

Finding the influencers was fairly easy, as we used the Creator Campaigns feature to filter by location, age and niche. This gave us a starting point to dig deeper and find the right creators. Going through their individual profile, we saw the growth of their followers and the content they posted in the past few months.

Thankfully, the younger generations are very open to alternative, so we had no issues with the creators trying the meat alternatives. Some of them were happy they could express their passion, since they were already using them from time to time. This gave them more incentives to create great content.

After working with creators and getting content back, we’ve used the Creative Studio to enhance and multiply creatives. The true power of this feature is when brands combine the content they’ve gathered from influencers with the standard product content. Ads created like this are a unique mix of expected and surprising. This usually provides a higher rate of clicks, which increases the reach of the creatives.

Those were then used in social-media, as a way to increase weekly postings and grow the Instagram account. At the same time, UGC Ads complemented standard products ads, for increased conversions.

The brand was courageous enough to try TikTok Ads for the first time with us. Fairly new in Romania at the time, we saw the potential of food content going viral. We were right, as one single organic TikTok brought in over 350k views in a matter of days. The focus with the content was both reusing what we had, but also finding native TIkTokers to create original pieces.

Original content was used in ads, that have seen a lot of impressions, comments around the theme of meatless alternatives, but also ecommerce sales. The brand saw the potential of a new channel they could utilize online, with a new audience in mind.

Results Summary

Since they had recently opened their ecommerce store, we could track the impact of social and influencer tactics on sales, in direct analytics. Results were good enough to launch campaigns on TikTok, which also proved to be a sales-driving channe for Verdinol, with little costs.

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