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Caroli turns online UGC into measurable offline sales

The Challenge

Generate & track offline sales from supermarket chains, using online channels.

The Solution

118 micro-influencers beaome ambassadors and fueled UGC to drive sales volume offline.

The Results

1.580+ people bought products and registered them online using influencer promo codes.




Accounts created on www.casacarolistilor.ro


Bought products using promo code


UGC generated

Caroli Foods Group is the leader of the processed meat market in Romania. With over 200 products split between 5 owned brands: Caroli, Campofrio, Sissi, Maestro and Primo.

The Challenge

Caroli wanted to activate online influencers, but generate & track offline sales from supermarket chains.

The Solution

We came up with a micro-influencers affiliate marketing campaign. We sourced 118 micro-influencers to become ambassadors and fuel UGC in order to drive engagement and sales volume offline. The influencers were chosen on multiple criteria, such as:

  • Location
  • Quality of past content
  • Brand affinity
  • Overall content performance

We had high hopes for this campaign and the influencers really delivered. Content was the secret weapon to deliver offline sales and increase campaign awareness. We made an FMCG brand instagramable.

The brand tracked UGC performance – they looked at engagement (likes, comments), but also the quality of the content produced. It was important to be similar in style not only to the campaign specifications, but the company branding.

Then, Caroli distributed the UGC in the engagement platform. This meant that the content served multiple purposes and engaged various audiences. The same content was seen on Instagram, on the website and, repurposed, as ads.

Because they already brand owned content, the brand mixed it with UGC inside of ads using Flaminjoy. The Creative Studio provides a great way to combine content sources to create content for social or ads at scale, with just a few clicks.

Custom animated templates were created for the brand, using the brand’s colors and logo, as well as the campaign design specifications. The templates were built in various sizes, so they could be used in all ad platforms and all social channels, without any issues. Since the content was already gathered in Flaminjoy, a dropdown provided access to the UGC that was inserted into the custom templates.

The resulting creatives could be exported as either static banners or animated videos. Speed was also a key element of the campaign, as these creatives were generated in the background, as the team worked on other templates.

The National Campaign Platform was a dedicated landing page where buyers could register their purchased product. This allowed the brand to measure sales performance and understand the true value of content created by influencers. At the same time, the UGC was gathered and analyzed within Flaminjoy. The brand could understand the types of content that worked in particular, as well as what influencer performed the best in this campaign.

Results Summary

Through careful influencer analysis, a strategic focus on offline+online, combined with Flaminjoy’s technology, Caroli turned a regular NCP into a massively successful example of UGC delivering tangible results for this FMCG brand.

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