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Offline activation from online influencers for the largest Romanian restaurant chain

The Challenge

Effectively engage local influencers for content creation and offline activation.

The Solution

Source content ideas from Micro Creators at scale, on a localized level.

The Results Summary

630K Reach using 100+ micro-influencers.


Organic Reach


Social Interactions


User Generated Content Pieces



The largest Romanian restaurant chain: City Grill Group currently operates restaurants and cafes under the brands Hanu’ Berarilor, City Grill, and City Cafe, Buongiorno, Caru’ Cu Bere, Restaurant Hanu’ lui Manuc, Pescarus, and Becker Brau.

The Challenge

City Grill Group must overcome the obstacle of effectively engaging local influencers for content creation and offline activation. Identifying influencers who resonate with each restaurant’s specific community while ensuring brand alignment poses a significant challenge. Leveraging Flaminjoy to streamline influencer discovery and collaboration across multiple locations is essential but requires careful planning and resource allocation. The challenge is to efficiently utilize Flaminjoy to maximize the impact of their marketing efforts through localized influencer partnerships.

The Solution

The Flaminjoy platform facilitated:

  • Influencer marketing collaborations
  • Localised influencer selection
  • Smooth communication
  • Content approval feature

Utilizing Flaminjoy, they sourced content ideas from Micro Creators at scale. The platform’s advanced filtering capabilities allowed them to find influencers based on Location, Age, Gender, and Niche. By targeting Health, Cooking, and Lifestyle Niches, they easily gathered the first batch of creators.

The challenge of activating influencers in an offline campaign, where influencers were required to visit specific restaurants, was effectively addressed through our platform chat feature. Coordinating influencer visits to designated City Grill locations posed logistical complexities, including scheduling, communication, and ensuring that influencers accurately conveyed the brand’s messaging. However, our platform’s chat feature streamlined this process, providing influencers with a seamless channel to communicate with the brand in real-time. Influencers could easily notify City Grill of their planned visits, discuss campaign details, and address any concerns or questions directly through the platform. This simplified communication not only facilitated smoother coordination but also enhanced the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the offline activation campaign.

Additionally, they implemented the content approval feature, simplifying the feedback process and enabling swift approval or denial of content to ensure quality and accurate messaging. This streamlined approach facilitated smoother collaboration between City Grill Group and influencers, enhancing the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.

The Results Summary

City Grill Group’s influencer campaigns generated significant engagement and reach, activating over 100 influencers across 10 campaigns and resulting in 630k+ organic reach and 70k+ total engagements on Instagram.

Services used:

  • Instagram campaign management
  • Content approval feature

In over a year of constant campaign activation City Grill group managed to:

  • Activate 10 campaigns, with an average of 27 days each
  • Activate 210+ influencers (of which 108 unique influencers)
  • Generate more than 730+ pieces of content
  • 630k+ organic reach Instagram
  • Over 70k+ total engagements

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