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Chupa Chups transformed a well known product into a must-have, using influencers

The Challenge

Generate fun&cool content around the product consumption from adults that can feel like a child again.

The Solution

Focus on the right kind of influencers and UGC.

The Results

Total reach of 235.000


Total Reach




Total pieces of content generated


Influencers enrolled

Ever since 1958, Chupa Chups has brought happiness to children of all ages. They plan to make sure this continues, by combining a strong sense of the Chupa Chups tradition with contemporary creativity and innovation.

The Challenge

Chupa Chups wanted to create fun&cool content around the product consumption from adults that can feel like a child again.

The Solution

We had to find the right mix between creators and generated content. We’ve activated 30+ content creators that were aged 25+ years old and their mission was to show how they choose their #ForeverFun story using Chupa Chups.

Influencers were chosen using the Creator Campaigns feature inside of Flaminjoy. This allows any brand to filter creators by looking at their:

  • Location
  • Age
  • Follower growth
  • Follower locations

The demographics provided a good starting point. Then, the content from these creators can also be analyzed:

  • Content engagement
  • Content quality

By looking at specific content pieces, you start to understand their affinity and style. The next step is to add them to a group, which can be organized by creator size (for example Nano-Influecners or Micro-Influencers).

Briefing the influencers was also done inside of the platform. Their task was to show Chupa Chups in different contexts, align the fun with the various flavors. The deliverables chosen were in the form of Reels, Stories and TikToks. This provided influencers with enough freedom to unleash their creativity and make a powerful statement about choosing your own fun.

In the end, they gathered 150+ pieces of content and over 20k engagements. Analytics are gathered the moment a piece of content with the right hashtags is live on social media. The end of the campaign means an updated dashboard, but also a downloadable .PDF report of the results.

Top 3 most creative and active influencers were chosen to be brand ambassadors. They collaborated with the brand after the campaign for future projects.

Resuts Summary

Chupa Chups refreshed the product we all know and turned into a symbol of fun, at any age. This made it ok for people of all ages to pick up a lollipop when they’re shopping or just to remind them of their childhood. Online content was transformed into offline brand awareness and sales.

Services used:
Influencer Marketing

We use Flaminjoy to enhance our website with UGC from our #infusedgirls hashtag. And... all of our social media efforts have turned into commercial results. Integrating UGC in interactive galleries within the INFSD site increases our rate of conversion and engagement.

Content from hashtags drives conversions

Alina Ceusan, Founder, INFSD

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