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Cramele Cotnari restarts HoReCa by blending online UGC to drive offline awareness

The Challenge

Create buzz around the brand, in pandemic times.

The Solution

Use local micro-influencers to show authentic people enjoying wine.

The Results

6 cities, 30 participating restaurants, 300K Reach.




UGC generated


Restaurants that participated



The COTNARI company has been the heart of the Cotnari vineyard since 1948. The locals’ love of growing and bearing fruit on the vine has taught them to cherish every sun-bearing berry and share the joy of life with others. The road to wine is long, but full of rewards. Cotnari constantly takes care of more than 1,700 hectares of vineyards with high-performance farming. Their specialists work in the winery’s laboratories or in the vineyards to develop new vine varieties and new wine blends.

The Challenge

Combine online with offline, in pandemic times. We had to create buzz about “Cramele Cotnari” campaign meant to restart HORECA in Covid situation. With each online purchase from cramelecotnari.ro, people get a voucher that could be used in participating restaurants.

The Solution

The plan appeared naturally, we described the entire campaign through influencers via stories and Instagram posts. They received vouchers and went to participating restaurants in order to show the campaign mechanic.

We chose influencers by using filters inside Flaminjoy’s Creator Campaigns feature. Because vouchers could only be used in specific restaurants, the Location information was critical – Country, County and City targeting. Age was important, as influencers had to be over 18 to be able to participate in the campaign. We went a step further by looking at the ages of their followers, to make sure the content reached a suitable audience.

Based on the hashtags used in the Campaign Brief, UGC was gathered inside of the Flaminjoy platform, the moment it was posted online. The associated engagement data meant valuable insights on what types of content resonate the best with specific audiences.

Results Summary

Cramele Cotnari transformed a simple voucher-based promotion into an opportunity to grow the brand, put its products in front of new audiences and generate sales in the process.

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