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Coccolino launches its new product with with a 3.32% average CTR campaign

The Challenge

Build awareness & visibility for the new Coccolino Care product line, in the cleaning category, as a premium care detergent brand.

The Solution

Combine UGC from influencers with large Reach from publishers

The Results Summary

3.32% average CTR (8X higher than the industry average)


Brand Uplift




Click-through rate increase

1 Million


Coccolino is a brand with tradition, known for its soft and fluffy effect on clothes, as well as for the fact that it is symbolized by a beloved character, the Coccolino bear.

The Challenge

Build awareness & visibility for the new Coccolino Care product line, in the cleaning category, as a premium care detergent brand.

The Solution

Coccolino’s challenge was solved using 2 segments:

  • Running influencer campaigns using the Flaminjoy platform
  • Extending the reach in the Ringier publisher network

The brand was looking to target women, young professionals, that are confident, active and energic, interested in keeping the same level of care for their clothes – as they care for themselves. They could be travel buffs, active people, music & entertainment enthusiasts, interested in trends and fashion.

The choice of influencers was done through Flaminjoy, with thousands of influencers organized by Size, Location and Niche. Sorting them by the largest engagement rate or reach was simple enough, using the built-in tools.

Then, the list was validated with the client and 9 micro-influencers were chosen. They represented the essence of what Coccolino was interested in for the new Care product line.

After receiving the brief and the product packages, the influencers went to work creating incredible work, based on the requirements. They had free reign to portray the product line in a creative way, with a focus on keeping their clothes looking brand new for a long time, by using Coccolino Care.

The User Generated Content from this campaign was filtered, in order to select the best pieces. The automated process then transformed them into multiple formats, to be used in innovative display banners. These are animated, feature interaction and include:

  • The influencer’s profile picture
  • The User Generated Content
  • The UGC caption
  • A custom background with the brand’s aesthetic

All these elements form a cohesive story around the products. This helps increase not just interactions to a higher level than standard ads, but improves the overall trust, from its authentic nature.

After running the Social Display campaign, an automated report was provided for the initial influencer campaign, but also for the publisher network launch, together with specific Brand Lift information.

The last one is a premium report that offers insights into the true value of Social Display. It shifts the focus upwards from the traditional clicks, to look at the perception improvement generated by the campaign. Using a single question, polling the same audience, we found the difference in awareness to be 2.7%, showing a valuable impact beyond impressions.

The Results Summary

The campaign was a success on both mediums (Social Media and Display Publisher Network) with over 3.300 social interactions, a Brand Lift of 2.7% and a Clickthrough Rate that was 8X higher than the industry average.

Coccolino made a splash by launching its new product line, featuring real people using the products in natural environments. This gave Coccolino Care a level of trust that standard branded ads do not provide. Social Display meant a guaranteed Reach of 1 Million targeted people, with specific interests in the brand’s focus.

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