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Eyerim turns UGC into branded content in no time, while enhancing global ecommerce websites

The Challenge

Make Eyerim’s global ecommerce websites more attractive through integrated UGC.

The Solution

Deploy ongoing micro-Influencers collaborations and utilize Visual Commerce.

The Results

2.000+ Pieces of UGC Created in a matter of months.


Monthly views on Shoppable Galleries


Monthly clicks on Shoppable Galleries

2.000+ Pieces of UGC

Created in a matter of months

50+ Influencers

Deployed from 15 countries

Eyerim is the online optician of Central & Southwest Europe, balancing its well-established e-retailer & high-growth D2C business models.

The Challenge

Mak Eyerim’s global ecommerce websites more attractive and integrate UGC within them.

The Solution

Deploy ongoing micro-Influencers collaborations and ProductLead Visual Commerce enhancer. The Creator Campaigns feature handled finding and analyzing profiles for potential influencers in the collaborations. Since Location is available as a filter, we could find creators in specific Countries, Counties and Cities. Then add more filters like Age, Gender and Niche.

With this first layer of filters, we moved towards looking at each influencer profile in particular. This gave us an outlook on their profile quality, content aesthetic and follower growth.

Next, Visual Commerce provided the technology to take UGC, add Pins on top of it and turn it into Shoppable Galleries. Their performance could be tracked using the Google Analytics integration.

This was by far the largest project we had done up to that point. The sheer complexity of finding and analyzing global influencers was a challenge in itself. The next step was organizing content to be used on websites.

Thankfully, Visual Commerce makes it easy to tag pieces of content. Here, we’ve used SKUs as a way to mark its associated UGC. This made it easier to create the Shoppable Galleries. Each of these contained specific pieces of content, that could be shown alongside traditional images, to enhance the ecommerce experience.

If this wasn’t enough, the entire project was on a global scale – Shoppable Galleries in multiple languages, in multiple countries, in various sections of the website: homepage, category and product pages. The Visual Commerce feature was built for this exact purpose, as being the foundation for visionary ecommerce websites, to provide context for products.

Results Summary

Eyerim is one of those unique brands that understands trends, is courageus enough to try new things and invests heavily in the development of the website user experience. This is reflected in its online presence, but also growth in the retail space, on a global scale.

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