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VGeneration switches to an always-on creators program, saving 80% of the operational cost

The Challenge

Create a better branding online for VGeneration.

The Solution

Deploy a micro-influencer school, for longterm collaborations.

The Results

75%+ Average Order Value Increase.


Average Order Value


Social traffic


UGC per campaign



VGeneration is the official distributor of Vans, New Era and Superdry brands. Their Gen Z customer base made UGC a no brainer as the core of their marketing strategy.

The Challenge

Create a better branding online for VGeneration – the official reseller of well known brands.

The Solution

Work with micro-influencers at scale, on a monthly basis. This was what we called a micro-influencer school, a project we start for brands looking for a longer collaboration with a variety of creators. Each month meant new creators and new fashion themes they had to create content for. They received guidance, were all added in a WhatsApp group and often collaborated on projects together.

These micro-influencers not only created UGC, but also grew as people, developed their own look and feel online and their social followings increased. A win-win for everybody!

Managing the relationships with the creators has never been so easy with Flaminjoy, helping the brand to leverage hundreds of pieces of content and integrate these in the sales funnels to get to amazing results in sales and reach.

To find the influencers was a task handled by our team, with the help of the Creator Campaigns’ functionalities. This made creator selection a breeze, through filters like Niche, Age, Gender and Location.

The followers are also analyzed, so any brand can check their Age and Location to see if it matches what they’re looking for.

Because we knew this was a longterm collaboration, we looked at content quality next. Going through influencer profiles, we analyzed the engagement on past few months of posts. Content in the Flaminjoy platform is saved automatically – both Posts (images, carousels, videos) and Stories. Follower growth was also considered, as we needed creators who were not on the decline or who showed signs of suspicious exponential rise in popularity.

Results Summary

VGeneration transformed creators from a one-off campaign to a dedicated piece of their marketing strategy. Long terms results can be achieving, by creating a system were creators can be themselves and put your products in the best possible light, in front of their communities of followers.

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