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Flip Romania taps into micro-influencers for macro-reach

The Challenge

Promote the Flip brand and increase the visibility of the online platform, through a visual medium.

The Solution

Use micro-influencers to create Reels to show off the brand and promote the platform.

The Results Summary

Over 173K Reach using 30 influencers.






User Generated Content Pieces



Flip is an online platform where you can buy new phones in a smart way. Phones are refurbished and carefully checked by specialists in 30 areas and come with benefits similar to new ones.

The Challenge

Promote the Flip brand and increase the visibility of the online platform, through a visual medium.

The Solution

Micro-influencers were the obvious choice for Flip, as they specialize in content generation. They were tasked with coming up with Instagram Reels showing the unboxing experience for refurbished phones.

These short, engaging videos allowed us to showcase Flip products in a fun and creative way, while leveraging the influencers’ existing audiences to expand the reach. With the growing popularity of Instagram Reels, we recognized the opportunity to connect with our target audience in an exciting way and generate buzz around the brand.

Influencers were free to mention the Flip benefits, such as:
– 12-month warranty
– Free 30-day return policy
– Smart payments, broken up in up to 60 instalments
– Parcel check on collection from courier
– Fast delivery (90% of deliveries arrive the next day)

Influencers outdid themselves when creating content, with testimonials, showcases, skits and stop-motion. This meant increased content variety and a larger chance of engagement, due to their visually appealing nature.

The value of influencers is truly understood best when all their roles are put together:
– Script writer
– Actor
– Camera operator
– Video editor
– Social Media Specialist

Reactions from followers began to surface as soon as pieces of content went live, such as: “Seems like a very useful website, thanks for telling us about it”, “The prices seem really good” and “There are indeed a lot of different smartphone brands”.

The Results Summary

UGC satisfies the brand’s need for more content, but it’s also the perfect source of trust and brand awareness. The influencers’ communities didn’t hesitate to respond:
– 91 pieces of content generated in total
– A massive 173K Reach
– 19.3 Engagements (Likes+Comments)

Services used:
Influencer Marketing

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