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Samsung turns UGC into a Live Museum

The Challenge

60% of the Urban Romanian population has never been in a museum, due to the older exhibits.

The Solution

Turn boring museums into interesting experiences.

The Results

660 images generated and shown in realtime.

770 M

Pixels of Images Gathered


Generated Images


“Live Museum” Media Appreances


Minutes Of Downtime

Following the success of its electronics business, Samsung has received global recognition as an industry leader in technology and one of the top 10 global brands. Samsung is the biggest smartphone brand in Romania. Its Galaxy line continues to inspire and is on the lips of many Romanians, from all walks of life.

The Challenge

The brand noticed something interesting, from a simple research: 60% of the Urban Romanian population has never been in a museum, considering the exhibits as old and not fun. Samsung came with a question: What would a museum look like if it was created in 2018?

The Solution

The plan was born out of a need and a natural follow-up to the InstaWalks they were already organizing along the years. On Museum Night (the 19th of May 2018) we launched the implementation at Qreator.

We came up with a custom implementation that gathered images from the 3 hahtags (#reimaginestreetart #reimagineportraits #reimaginepatterns). We then used the existing hardware available (large screens connected) to show images, one at a time, for a few seconds each. Because Flaminjoy uses the official Facebook+Instagram APIs, images were being gathered inside of the platform without delay, after being posted online.

The next step was showing the content. Because our implementation “lived” online, at a basic URL, with a custom backend, there was no need for any additional hardware. Plus, the entire system was overseen by one developer and one brand manager.

All of this technical implementation was built in less than a week, with praises from the brand’s agency and the brand itself.

It was one of Flaminjoy’s Enterprise implementations.

Results Summary

Samsung reimagined museums, turned content into an interactive experience and provided a glimpse into the digital future using UGC.

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