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Light summer outfits generate over 30K Impressions

The Challenge

Increase visibility for the latest Linen collection using online tactics.

The Solution

Generate inspirational outdoor content using micro-influencers.

The Results Summary

Over 30K Impressions from 23 pieces of content.






User Generated Content Pieces



Marks and Spencer is a major British multinational retailer with headquarters in Paddington, London that specialises in selling clothing, beauty, home products and food products.

The Challenge

Increase visibility for the latest Linen collection for him and her from Marks & Spencer, using online tactics.

The Solution

Get ready for summer with a fresh wardrobe of light and breathable clothing perfect for warm days. The collection is in a neutral color palette of light brown, cool white and blue, gently crafted to wick away moisture from the fabric for added comfort.

Smaller influencers provide higher engagement rates and an increased trust when compared to their larger counterparts, This makes them ideal not just for quick activations, but also awareness and content generation focused campaigns.

Filtering influencers within the Flaminjoy platform allows you find the right ones for your objectives. Start by choosing a Niche and a Follower Size. Because we needed influencers to come to a specific store, we also used the Location filter, to ensure they were in the city for the campaign.

The next stage was looking at content already generated by influencers. This gave us a feeling for who they were and what sort of mood they projected in their feed. This is crucial for finding a great brand-influencer fit. Because Flaminjoy captures all the influencer content automatically, you can easily scroll through their pieces of content and understand who to select in only a few minutes.

Content also needs to perform well. Which is why the captured content within the platform features full analytics. This provides you with reassurance, as you can be confident that the content not only appears visually appealing but also achieves the right results.

The selection was made and influencers came to the store, tried outfits and created content to match the concept of the campaign – light, breathable materials that are a surefire hit for the hot summer days ahead. Outdoor outfits meant a combination of neutral colors (beige, brown, blue, cold white) and sunlight to provide inspiration for the followers.

The Results Summary

The content posted by micro-influencers generated an impressive number of Impressions (30K), as well as over 1.6K Engagements (Likes+Comments) from only 23 content pieces.

We knew that content will perform well when we started looking at the comments. These are a representation of the person’s state of mind, as they react to UGC, with reactions like: “These pants have lovely details”, “What a great combination of materials and colors!”, and “I should go and see this new collection!”.

Even with a physical presence needed, activating influencers is effective and lightining-fast using Flaminjoy.

Services used:
Influencer Marketing

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