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Scented Success: Elevating MYSU Perfume Through Micro-Influencers' Captivating Content

The Challenge

Diversify content creation, forge stronger brand connections

The Solution

Focus on working with influencers generating Stories and Reels, producing enticing content

The Results Summary

Over 560K Organic Instagram Reach using 148 influencers


Organic Reach

10x more engagement than brands boosted content

Social Interactions


User Generated Content Pieces



MYSU Perfume, the epitome of uniqueness and distinction, offers a fresh perspective on everyday scents. With nearly two decades of beauty industry experience, the brand has evolved to fulfill its vision of bringing joy to people. MYSU is a magical tale inspired by the Levant, where natural essences and luxurious scents come together in exquisite packaging. Offering a diverse range of perfumes at accessible prices, MYSU is the culmination of a dream realized, inviting you to experience its essence and share the story with others.

The Challenge

Amidst the vast beauty landscape, MYSU had successfully collaborated with macro and mega influencers to elevate brand visibility and engagement. Seeking to enrich their communication strategy and enhance content generation, the brand aimed to integrate micro-influencers into their influencer campaigns. By incorporating micro-influencers, MYSU intended to diversify content creation, forge stronger brand connections, and extend their reach within their target demographic, thus establishing a more comprehensive influencer marketing approach.

The Solution

The Flaminjoy platform features:

  • Influencer marketing collaborations
  • Content approval feature

MYSU initiated a series of impactful influencer campaigns, lasting approximately two weeks each. Collaborating with 148 unique creators, the brand curated a variety of content, with a focus on stories and reels. The majority of the content consisted of engaging stories followed by dynamic reels, emphasizing the strategic importance of video content in captivating audiences.

Through these tailored efforts, MYSU garnered over 54,000 likes, 4,000 comments, and reached an impressive audience of over half million individuals organic. This strategic approach effectively enhanced MYSU’s brand visibility, nurtured authentic content creation, and fostered increased engagement within the perfumery industry.


One of the standout moments in our influencer campaign journey was when we boosted an influencer’s content through META ads, yielding remarkable outcomes. A comparative analysis between brand-generated posts and influencer-created content revealed significant findings: 👉 The paid advertisement featuring the influencer’s content garnered nearly 10 times more interactions. 👉 The paid advertisement showcasing the influencer’s content witnessed a staggering 2.3 times higher view-through rate until the end of the clip.

In just 6 months MYSU Perfume brand:

  • Activated 13 campaigns, with an average 2 weeks/each
  • Activated 148 unique influencers
  • Generated more than 700+ pieces of content

These pieces of content were:

  • 170+ reels
  • 520+ stories


Their results surpassed expectations:

  • 560K+ organic reach Instagram
  • Over 60k+ total engagements

The Results Summary

In just 6 months of utilizing Flaminjoy, MYSU Perfume successfully engaged nearly 150 unique influencers across 13 diverse campaigns, resulting in a collection of over 700 pieces of authentic content. This strategic endeavor reached an extensive audience of over half a million unique users, amplifying MYSU’s brand presence and fostering meaningful connections within the perfumery industry.

Services used:

  • Instagram campaign management

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