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Fit for Success: An Influencer-Driven Journey of ROM Proteic

The Challenge

Promote ROM Proteic as the bar that gives you the ENERGY to GET WHERE YOU'RE TRYING TO GO.

The Solution

Collaborate with fitness influencers to show the product benefit.

The Results Summary

A Reach of over 70K and more than 4.3K Social Interactions.




Social Interactions


User Generated Content Pieces



ROM features the authentic taste of chocolate and rum cream has been giving Romanians great sensations since 1964. Now in a version with 12 grams of protein.

The Challenge

Promote ROM Proteic, a bar with less sugar, but lots of protein and fibre. Basically, a bar that gives you the ENERGY to GET WHERE YOU’RE TRYING TO GO. The chocolate bar to give you energy to get to the end of the day with all your tasks done.

The Solution

Our daily lives are consumed by distractions, digital interruptions and daily stress. When we do find time for ourselves, we find we’ve run out of energy. ROM Proteic has been designed to provide you with a healthy does of protein and fibre to keep you going, no matter where you’re trying to go.
This meant partnering with primarily fitness influencers to spread the word about the new product.

The Flaminjoy platform made it easy to select influencers based on their niche, size of followers and overall engagement. Each content creator showed off the benefits of ROM Proteic, with a focus on video content.

To make things more engaging, influencers started a challenge for their followers – how many pushups could they do on camera? Anyone could enter the competition to win the new protein bars.

This made it so that content was not just watched, but also interacted with. Tens of comments started coming in for each video, each of them of a positive nature. Followers were curious about this new product and were eager to try it.

The challenge added an element of brand connection, where they could see the benefits right away. It makes the product more well-known, but also remembered, as it’s a beloved Romanian brand, in a highly competitive protein bar market.

Perception was shifted and ROM is now longer perceived as the tiny rum flavoured chocolate bar and has established itself as a true competitor for fitness aficionados.

The Results Summary

The 28 user generated content pieces sparked people’s attention and made them aware about a product that was new to the market. They transformed into over 4.3K social interactions for the brand, with comments such as “What a cool challenge!”, “This really works.” and “I have to try it!”.

ROM successfully expanded their product line once again, proving that micro-influencers in the right niche are key to boosting awareness and delivering trust for such a large brand.

Services used:
Influencer Marketing

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