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Candy Clash: The Power of Influencers in a Sweets Brand Face-Off

The Challenge

Promote the Sugus vs Papi challenge to encourage campaign enrolment.

The Solution

Collaborate with influencers to connect with their childhoods and pick a sweet side.

The Results Summary

A reach of almost 200K with 90 micro-influencers.




Social Interactions


User Generated Content Pieces



Sugus is a brand of wellknown Romanian chewy candy with flavors that include lemon, orange, pineapple, raspberry and cherry.
The Papi brand was launched in 1998, having at that time 2 assortments of teddy bear bars in the portfolio: Papi cream honey and Papi cream milk. Now it has expanded to milk, strawberry, banana and crunchy cereal filling.

The Challenge

Promote the Sugus vs Papi challenge to encourage contest enrolment, based on a product purchase.

The Solution

The campaign focused on 3 stages:

  • Awareness
  • Engagement
  • Conversion

Each one meant a different content perspective. Awareness images and videos from influencers (Stage 1) focused on promoting the challenge and telling followers to join one of the 2 camps (Sugus or Papi). Then purchasing products to register their receipt on the dedicated website.

Stage 2 was all about driving more engagement. Followers went to the stores themselves, showing how easy and fun was to pick products for the campaign.

The final stage (3) relayed information about the contest in more detail – where to sign up, what products were eligibile. This made followers that didn’t enter yet very eager to do so, as they saw more mentions of the prizes they could win.

All the elements of a successful campaign were put together to ensure maximum campaign entrants:

  • Exciting brand
  • Juicy contest featuring delightful prizes
  • Engaging influencers producing fun content

The Results Summary

Content was organized in 3 stages, which made it that much more engaging for followers. They got to see a variety of images and videos over time, increasing the likelihood they’ll interact with them.

Approximately 40K likes and comments were generated, with a massive total reach of 186.6K! What’s even more impressive is the campaign only lasted for 11 days. This meant that influencers had to be creative and creative colourful, attractive UGC to inspire and push followers towards action.

Sweets that reminded people of their childhoods combined with fun, engaging content turned followers into believers. And their comments told the same story:

  • “Definitely Papi, it’s the sweet of my childhood!”
  • “I used to get these for Christmas, love them!”
  • “Can’t choose a team, I like them both.”

By tracking all stages of the campaign (Awareness, Engagement and Conversion) we were able to understand the success of the contest, with strong reasons to follow it up with future campaigns.

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