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Tohani updates its image for a new generation of wine connoisseurs

The Challenge

Position Tohani as suitable for young people, through a fresh and creative perspective.

The Solution

Bring the brand to a newer, younger generation.

The Results

300K+ Reach.


Increase on Instagram followers



200+ UGC

Generated in 4 weeks


Micro influencers enrolled

Since 1773, Tohani has attracted gifted people who have had love for the wine, toiled for it, understood it and amplified its creative force. Over the years, Tohani wines have enjoyed special appreciation in Romania and abroad. They are all wines created from the passion, inspiration and genius of people who know how to feel the land, the vineyard and all the natural blessings of Dealu Mare, and transform them into living wines, in which the spirit of the place and the people of Tohani live.

The Challenge

Position Tohani as suitable for young people, through a fresh and creative perspective, as the brand was mostly known by older generations.

The Solution

Bring the brand to a newer generation. Over 110 micro-influencers were recruited to provide creatives using personalized wine bottles, carrying their handwritten Instagram handle.

In a normal context the brand would’ve had 2 options:

  1. Manually work to find the influencers
  2. Work with an influencer agency to find the influencers

Thankfully, the Flaminjoy Creator Campaigns feature has powerful filtering capabilities. This provides anyone using it with a clear understanding of how to find the perfect influencers for their campaign. Previous posts has been considered, both in terms of content and quality. The overall profile needed to offer a young look, with followers in that same age range, to ensure the right Reach.

Over the course of 4 weeks there were over 200 UGC pieces created. Campaign performance was tracked inside of the platform through the Social Analytics feature. Engagement (likes+comments) was measure and the Stories (which have a 24 hours lifespan) were all saved within the platform. Reports were generated at the end of the campaign, in .PDF format.

Furthermore, the content repurposed for social-media. This is where the Creative Studio feature comes into the spotlight. Custom animated templates were created to fit the style of the brand, using specific colors and assets. UGC was easily added from the platform. The output were both static banners and videos for various social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, both posts and stories.

The entire campaign meant an increase of over 20% in Instagram followers for the brand, in a short period of time.

Results Summary

The focus on a new generation has proved to be a fruitful one, as more Tohani campaigns have followed and specific brands have seen an increase in sales, thanks to influencer collaborations.

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