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Mega Image sells out in 5 days, thanks to micro-influencer content

The Challenge

Bring awareness to a new in-store campaign.

The Solution

Use micro-influencers and UGC to make the products “wanted”.

The Results

Due to overwhelming demand, the products sold out 1 month earlier than expected.


Reach in 5 days


UGC generated in 5 days


Micro-influencers enrolled

Sold out

1 month earlier than expected

Founded in 1995, Mega-Image is the biggest supermarket chain from Romania with over 700 stores across the country.

The Challenge

Bring awareness to a new in-store campaign, that consisted of earning points for every purchase. Specifically, for each 20 RON spent, customers received a point which helped them to have 70% off for the French Bull-themed products.

The Solution

Use micro-influencers to spread the campaign mechanics and make the products “wanted”.

We activated 30 eco-friendly/health/lifestyle influencers to share the new loyalty campaign. Their mission was to create awareness about the new French Bull products that can be purchased only at Mega Image hypermarkets.

There were 3 parts to the solution:

  • Influencer selection
  • UGC tracking
  • Content repurposing

Influencer selection: The Creator Campaigns feature allowed the brand to find influencers based on their size (Nano, Micro, Macro, Mega), their location (Country, County, City), Age, Gender, as well as Niche. This last element was even more important, as the brief was very specific around the types of influencers that were needed for this campaign.

The initial batch of influencers gathered was then organized into groups. Each individual influencer has a dedicated profile that shows profile and content information. So the brand can look at past posts, for example, and be sure they’ll be collaborating with someone that shares the same values and will be able to provide quality content. Follower growth can be used as an indicator for an influencer that takes care of its account and looks to become bigger.

UGC tracking: Content gets gathered inside of the Flaminjoy platform as soon as a posts featuring the campaign hashtags appears online. Thanks to the official Facebook/Instagram APIs, data flows without delay.

Engagement information is gathered alongside the posts themselves (images, carousels, videos). Furthermore, Stories are saved, so they can be viewed even after the initial 24 hours after they go live on influencer accounts.

At the end of a Creator Campaign, there are .PDF reports for each Brief and the entire Campaign, that can be downloaded from the platform, featuring the most important data and content.

Content repurposing: The content from influencers was good enough that Mega Image decided to use some of it in ads promoting the campaign. UGC Ads are seen as more authentic, usually stop the user from scrolling and drive more clicks than standard, heavily produced ads.

Results came within the same week: the campaign ended one month earlier because all the promotional products were sold out. Because this sort of campaign will return at Mega Image, the brand will remember its success and tactically use UGC when needed, for awareness and sales.

Results Summary

Thanks to the power of influencers, producing authentic content and sharing it with their communities. It’s UGC at its finest. Mega Image realized the true potential of content, that gets spread in the right social channels, to the right audiences, for offline results.

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